The Weirdest Food I've Ever Eaten

A commonality called slime…

I understand fully that my choice for this plinky prompt does not fall into the "weird food" category by any means.

I have no Andrew Zimmern "Bizzare Foods" stories to tell but I do have two foods that I will never eat again: okra and escargot (Ok, snails. I was trying to sound sophisticated).

I cannot abide the texture of okra- fuzzy, hairy, gelatinous slime should simply not enter anyone's mouth while attempting to be considered a worthwhile food. Period.

I tried a snail once, years ago on a dinner date with my husband. The faux snail shells were adorable, the garlicky butter surround was excellent, but the rubbery, black and silver booger appearance and the fact that this mouthful of protein had been recently depositing a substantial slime trail along some unknown garden path was simply too much. I did not embarass myself or my husband by 1. Gagging 2.Spitting the snail across the room. 3. Vomiting. I did swallow the masticated mess in my mouth, trying desperately to remove the image of the once grand gastropod from my brain. I am nearly on the verge of gagging as I write this. I can do no more.

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