How long is a flea’s attention span?

Ever hear that saying: “You have the attention span of a flea”?

So I wonder, just how long is that really? One second? Five minutes? I would assume the cliche’ is referring to a rather short period of time as it is commonly used in a derogatory way.

Are fleas capable of paying attention to anything in their miniscule flea world anyway? It would seem to me that their entire goal in life was to do nothing more than keep themselves bloated full with life-giving blood and pro-create. Do you need much interest to partake in either of those two activities if you are a flea?

This small dalliance into the world of a flea has illustrated the point of my conversation this time around. I seem to be side-tracked very easily lately. While my physical body would enjoy nothing more than sitting in a cozy chair, preferably near a fire, a nice glass of some warm or warming beverage nearby, latest novel in hand; I cannot seem to concentrate for a long enough period of time to obtain that semi-nirvana like “vegged out” state.

Speaking of “vegged out”, my lifestyle change into the land of meatlessness seems to be in a holding pattern. While the goal is still fresh and exciting, and while I have been trying to equip my pantry for and with a stockpile of easily reached and ready items to facilitate my endeavors, I have quickly found I need the room in my cupboards and refrigerator occupied by my son’s “stuff”, in this case his food. I am patiently waiting for his things to be removed so that I can set up my system in a truly organized and user-friendly way, thus allowing and encouraging my headlong move into the vegetarian lifestyle.

Speaking of my son, this may be the final weekend of his “I just graduated from college and have nowhere else to live so I need to come home with all my stuff until I have a job and some money” return to the childhood home. No complaints on my part, in either direction: the coming home or the leaving again. He has been an excellent returning son but I know it wasn’t his first choice after 4 years of independence at college and he has been anxiously awaiting the moment that he could live like the true adult that he is, out from under the still watchful eye of mom.

Speaking of college, I just received an email that my latest college course is open online and ready for my attendance. I will be taking my anthropology interest to the next level. After studying how cultures and populations interact and react to the world and the world’s response to said cultures, I am now jumping backwards into evolutionary theory. New class format, new college, hope I like it as well as the last one…

Speaking of college still, and noting that we, meaning my husband and I, are finally able to say that our last child is on the road to independence also. Senior year of high school and sophomore year of college all rolled into one and complete next June 10. The future archaeologist is the reason I am enrolled in Biological Anthro. We are taking the same class, just at two different colleges. When she leaves next fall (assuming she will go to her first choice school), it will be just husband and wife at home. That is not really a situation I am relishing. I will then truly be left with no one to talk to except the cat.

Speaking of the cat, she is not happy with all the changes going on around her, namely that Al is now back in school and that Jeff is taking his computer chair away. I think she also senses a change coming in the seasons. She is the type of cat who relishes (that seems to be a favorite word in this post) the sun and loves being outside on warm days. We will be loosing those soon and she is constantly seeking to be outside, almost trying to stockpile what she can of the late summer, early fall warmth.

Speaking of fall, this makes me realize just how close we are again to Christmas. Speaking of Christmas makes me want to entertain, not really sure why. Speaking of entertaining makes……….

Off to check Facebook now, or maybe get some breakfast or……

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One thought on “How long is a flea’s attention span?

  1. cadazzo says:

    But don’t forget that if all goes according to the plan, you might have a grandchild in a few years! That will give you someone to talk to! :)

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