Turkey Time

Tofurky anyone?

Tofurky Vegan Feast

I am verging on the leave it side, I believe.

I grew up with traditional and complete all-American Thanksgiving meals, even continued that practice well into my own marriage and family, until recently…. when I fancy myself more of an herbivore rather than a carnivore.

Ever so slowly, I am moving to embrace a plant based lifestyle, and turkey is just not that awesome in my book, to keep it around if the choice is entirely mine, but it is not.

So today, Thanksgiving 2010 we will have a vegetarian lunch of roasted winter vegetables, spinach-gruyere quiche and a brocolli slaw while my husband smokes a turkey breast for his traditional turkey dinner with the ever so traditional side dishes. We will both have our anxiously awaited leftovers, nicely planned so as not to have to cook tomorrow, and hopefully both find a moment to be thankful that we can each follow the food options we enjoy.

By the way, no Tofurky in this house. I will never stoop so low as to try to substitute with this well known vegan "meat". Why would you do that when there are so many wonderful recipes available that are so much better and still plant based?

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