A momentary bright spot is snuffed out

Researching health related  careers and ran across an interesting possibility: Respiratory Therapist. Sort of nurse-y. Able to work in a hospital and lots of other areas. Get to poke people, do diagnosis, work with adults and peds, like neonatal!

Two community colleges in the area offer roughly two year programs at not bad costs. Full time days though so would have to definitely not be working but committed to school-no online for this. Programs cover lots of topics I love plus clinical rotations in hospitals and elsewhere. Lots of work with airway management, get to intubate and participate in a Code Blue as part of response team…..it was all sounding really great, until I read the physical requirement…

Able to lift and transfer, maybe I could handle that, but then the info starts rolling into the manual dexterity areas, grip strength, pulling and lifting strength, fine and gross motor skills, etc. Since I can’t hold a sterilization tray with one hand, pull up meds very well, or use a pincer grasp effectively, it looks like I have to scratch this possibility off my list. Damn!

Love to hear from you!

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