Shopping can be successful

After the stressful hiking boot excursion I had my doubts about the success of future shopping trips. Was it me? Was it Alison? Have the cosmic forces aligned to thwart our efforts at future shopping trips or was our Cabela’s adventure just a one time disaster?

We found success at Half Price Books in Tacoma. Alison never refuses a trip to this store. We went Sunday. I was looking for cookbooks and reading material for vacation and lazy summer weekends on the deck. She was looking, period.

Half Price Books has such a huge collection of used books in every category. From rare books, extensively marked down bargains, fiction, textbooks, you name it, they have it. Plus, and this is the bonus for Alison, used DVD’s and vinyl. She even discovered a used 8-track cassette on this trip! Hopefully I am not the only one who even knows what an 8-track cassette is. Please tell me someone out there reading this blog also had the privilege of listening to 8-tracks. If not, go here or here and be astounded.

I came away with two great cookbooks written by Mollie Katzen. These were recommendations from Meredith who loves this vegetarian chef and author. I now whole-heartedly agree. I picked up Vegetable Heaven and also a Moosewood  cookbook. I am really excited to start trying some of the recipes I found, actually most of the recipes I found! I also hit the fiction aisles and found these titles:

  • Ghostlight by Marion Zimmer Bradley-a sc-fi fantasy sort of thing. Zimmer-Bradley wrote a series of historical fantasy books focused on the mythical Avalon that I enjoyed years ago.
  • The Blind Assassin and Alias Grace, both by Margaret Atwood who wrote the futuristic Handmaid’s Tale. Loved that one and it was also a movie. Atwood writes with a feminist inclination.
  • A Widow for One Year by John Irving, author of such famous books as The World According to Garp, The Cider House Rules, and A Prayer for Owen Meany.
  • The Human Stain by Philip Roth. Picked this one because I recently heard someone talking about it and recommending it.
  • Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi and focused on a group of women in Iran who secretly read forbidden Western literature.

Alison picked up vinyl; lots of vinyl. She is the most frugal and ingenious shopper when it comes to used vinyl. I think for her, the hunt for the perfect used album is just as much fun as actually listening to the music. Half Price Books doesn’t have the largest collection, but she usually finds great deals on used albums that are actually in pretty good shape. What is really great is that she recently started writing for and is the Tacoma Vinyl Records Examiner.

We both left the store happy, satisfied and feeling a renewed sense of accomplishment in the fact that not all shopping trips are cursed for us. We just have to focus on what we know and like, then everything turns out great!

Love to hear from you!

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