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Vacations and afternoon naps

Missing this sleeping angel a lot right now


She is living it up in San Diego with her Grandma Nina and extended family. This is after a long day with a plane trip and fun times on the beach courtesy of her mom, who is being incredibly diligent about posting pictures for me.

Two weeks is already seeming like forever.

I am so very grateful that Miss G and her parents live so close to me. I’m not sure how I would survive if I couldn’t see this little one almost every day.

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The switch to a Chromebook

This arrived today:


My new Chromebook. It was not necessarily the recommended brand. Samsung and HP were pushed as top rated, although the reviews and specs for my purposes seem to be more than adequately met by this ASUS model.

For a while I thought I would hold out with my old Dell laptop until it simply gave out and died. The fan seems to run a lot and I was just waiting for the day it decided to overheat and not switch back on, or for the day when Windows XP crashes. However, I made some decisions about some further education, and with those decisions manifest the need to have  word processing capacity along the specific lines of Microsoft Word. My day-to-day needs for a computer are few and confined to some internet surfing and other simple tasks. So, long story short, rather than beat the old laptop to death and have no capability to use it at all I chose to go ahead and get a Chromebook now.

The price on this model was right, the laptop is hidden away, ready to be utilized as my writing/composition tool when needed, and I have a lightweight, easy to use Chromebook. This model is the 13.3 inch version. The 11.6 inch screen and keyboard configuration is just too small and awkward. Using the keyboard here for the first time I am finding that it mimics the keyboard on my old device nicely. My hands fit well on the keys and the motions here are seamless in terms of what I was used to.

I am adjusting to the slightly smaller screen size pretty well also. The touch pad is very responsive and scrolling up and down a page is quite easy using two fingers. I do have my old mouse attached at the moment, mostly because I am so used to using a mouse, but the features on the Chromebook really allow for a user to go mouse-less. Actually the mouse is handy for the one and only game I play on Facebook as my fingers just don’t maneuver fast enough. I think I may invest in a wireless mouse though, and just give this plug-in variety back to the old Dell.

I had to laugh when I unpacked the actual Chromebook. It came with a charger, a warranty, and the most important part: two ¬†3×5 pages detailing the parts of my Chromebook, how to charge it, and how to turn it on. Easiest piece of technological equipment I have ever purchased. Even easier than my Android phone, which I still only use minimally. This is my kind of technology for sure.

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A toddler’s perspective of work

This post definitely qualifies for the “random” category, but worth a mention I believe.

Have you ever contemplated the meaning of the word work from the perspective of a toddler?

I would venture to guess that the answer is probably not. It isn’t something I think of often and so I’m making the assumption that most other’s don’t either.

I have found myself, saying often to Miss G, in response to her query, “Mama?”

“Mama went to work.”

This typically comes after our morning ritual of kisses, hugs, squeezes, goodbye waves, and the official waving to mom in her car as it disappears down the road. Miss G has never had a moment (yet) when she displays sadness, or fear, or some other devilish emotion when either parent leaves her. I assume that is because she is not being left with someone she knows little of. Grandma has been a constant in her life since she was born, whether she likes it or not, so I think she feels quite comfortable allowing mama to drive off.

What I wonder on though is just what her 2-year-old brain makes of the term work. She will usually ask also about dada, and she gets the same answer, “Dada is at work.” We also usually elaborate a bit and I tell her, “Dada comes home after nap time, and mama comes home after dinner.”

I know she can’t tell time, but saying the same thing, in the same way is part of our routine each day. Consistency you know…

I think she understands some of it. Reinforcing that a nap is still a part of her day, and that daddy will return to play with her when she wakes seems to help her make sense when grandma says play time ends and nap time begins.

What I really wonder is what a 2-year-old thinks about when a significant figure in their life just goes away for some amount of time during their day. I know she will eventually come to understand what the term work means, and be able to describe what mama and dada do and why they have to go to those places each day.

For now, she seems satisfied when I give her the answer she expects, even without a clue as to what work means.

Little brains, in all their stages of learning and development are pretty amazing, and accepting.

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