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Thoughts on a Chromebook

Does anyone out there use a Chromebook on a regular basis?

If you read my post a few weeks ago about my irritation with Microsoft and their all out capitalist frenzy to force users to update operating systems or face computer hell and extinction then I can personally attest that the beginning of the end has already come to be. It’s nothing major at the moment, although come next Tuesday I am envisioning a complete meltdown of my wonderful old friend, I know that things will have to change.

I am adamantly attempting to refuse buying into the Windows 8/8.1 bandwagon. The biggest reason for this is that I have a greater than sneaking suspicion that within a few years Microsoft will be telling me once more that my brand new, 2014 OS is toast and forcing me to acquiesce to their power once more.

I have been thinking about simply going to a Chromebook and nixing anything Microsoft. I use Google Chrome anyway as my browser. I was pretty loyal to IE for a long time, mostly because I was too lazy to explore other browsers. I’m happy with Google now, it works well and when I want and expect it to unlike IE which has frustrated me to no end.

I realize that a Chromebook lacks things that my trusty Dell laptop has, but the reality is that once I finish this final class I don’t need a computer to do much. One daughter has a Chromebook and seems happy with it. What it lacks for her right now is easily handled on the home desktop computer, however she has always been a Google aficionado so it wasn’t a hard sell for her when her old laptop met with a traumatic end.

I also, being the frugal person that I am, see little reason to spend more money than really necessary for something that will be used for basic tasks.

Any opinions would be appreciated.


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It was time don’t you think?

Let’s hope for a little inspiration with this new, brighter theme.

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Apparently I’m not

The title of this blog would seem to imply that as I am (fill in: alive, breathing, happy, sad, conscious, thinking, sentient…whatever comes to mind) then I therefore will write.

It would seem however that as this blog has been sorely neglected, as well as my presence over at The Perpetual Student is virtually MIA, I certainly am not.

I can’t help but wonder if my lack of verbiage stems from the amount of writing I have to do for class. I do know that in the past I have gone through dry spells in my writing.

Quite frankly I just have nothing worthwhile to say. How many times can I comment on school or tell you THAT IT’S ALMOST OVER.

How many mundane stories can I share…the ones that don’t even interest me even though they occur and define how and why I am.

I feel devoid of any form or relevance lately. Not working at a real job is taking its toll. Adding to that is the end of my student status in just over 1 month. Apparently those were the two things that defined me over the last few years. One is gone and the other isn’t far behind. Who and what will I be then?

I am alive, and breathing, and sentient at the moment. I just am not here.

The horizon looms with the need to reinvent and restructure.  Any grand ideas?



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