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It’s like a heat wave…

This is what my usually moderate part of the world is in for over the next few days. I understand that many across the country wouldn’t blink an eye or think twice about temps like this, however I live in Washington and this is not normal for mid-July. We typically are still seeing many days with rain showers and temps fairly steady at about 75 degrees. I am already getting naggy and irritated about this heat wave. Most of our homes are not air-conditioned in this area so we park our bodies in front of fans or search out any meager breeze we can.

king5.com weather

king5.com weather


Miss G just got a new pool today. I think I might be joining her if she’ll let me.


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Summer days…

This week has brought with it sun, high temps (mid 80’s) and time off from my nanny job with Miss G.

Miss G's mom pronounces "Smile with your teeth" and this is the result

Miss G’s mom pronounces “Smile with your teeth” and this is the result

Up from San Diego has come Grandma Nina. She is spending time between Miss G’s Auntie J and Uncle K’s house and the home where this little girl lives. This week she is with Miss G and will have the opportunity to climb stairs, play doll house, run with the dog, sleep with the cat, harvest in the garden, take walks, and hear Miss G claim emphatically:


It is impossible to stay away from this face for long so a visit with Grandma Nina and Miss G will take place soon.

In other summer time news…

Living in Washington state has, just this morning, heralded in the legal sales of recreational marijuana all across the area. We are second behind Colorado (I believe) to claim this distinction. It is all very regulated by legalities and such and initially stores are opening slowly. This means that not everyone got their license to sell at the same time and newly recognized legal growers are not particularly flush with supply. This means that if you view a satellite photo of our state you  WILL NOT see a strange haze blanketing the atmosphere over the western and eastern sides of the Cascade range, and if you do by some chance it will more than likely be weather related, not pot related.

Since passage of this legislation all sorts of issues have come to the fore as you can imagine, but personally (and without consideration to any of the health and safety related concerns) I think it makes sense to recognize that people use pot, just as they do alcohol, so if it’s going to happen why not attempt some organized means to regulate and distribute it. It is being sold in 2 gram packages, all pre-measured and sealed. The news reports this morning list sales prices between $10 to $25 for that amount, all depending upon type/grade.

On my western side of the Cascade mountain range that divides our state only 2 stores are in operation as of this morning and I believe the eastern side has three so you can see this is a sloooow process. Pot shops will not be found on every corner. People can contact the underground dealers for that. Reports also note that a few (10 or so) people are in line and waiting on the 8AM opening. I am not one of them and won’t be in the future.

If you care to read more or comment and seek more detail than I have included you can search “pot Washington” or go here for info.

Personally I find my joy and laughter from this:



Wandering around the garden

Wonderfully sunny, warm day for a stroll around the garden.

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