Project # 2 is a wrap

Let me begin by saying that once more my camera has let me down in its ability to capture any sort of accurate image so for this post I will be relying on internet borrowed photos once more.

I am so very happy with the way the window sills turned out. Some words of advice-even if you have hands that are not bothered by arthritis, either rent or purchase a sander for any but the most minimal projects you might choose to undertake around your home. The savings in wear and tear on body systems plus the absolute feeling of power and creativity that comes with wielding power tools is amazing. Anyone out there remember the old Tim Allen show Home Improvement? I pay great homage to the ideals behind that show and as noted on my FB page, I simply say “MORE POWER

I chose to go with the Skil Sander found at Lowes for roughly $30

Coarse sandpaper has become my best friend as it whisks away old polyurethane in a flash

You must have one of these:

Tack cloths are about the stickiest things in the world but so necessary to get the last little bit of dust before applying finish.

This is what my sander looked like in terms of dustage, although I did hook up the shop vac to the back area rather than using the dust catcher/filter thing. It filled up way to fast

I should have had one of these:

Or had I been thinking ahead, borrowed a few of these from work:

My choice of finish: Minwax Polyshades in Classic Oak Satin

So, in the end this is a pretty accurate representation of the color and finish of my almost new (20-year-old) window sills:

So, so much better looking. Stop by for a look or feel free to wander around outside peeking into my windows but I warn you, you will be awed and inspired by the result.

I work for food by the way…

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