Indulge the musings

Some sad news:

Yesterday plastered in the headlines of MSNBC was the sad news that the hotel that inspired the meeting place of Baby and Johnny had burned to the ground. What you ask is she talking about? Why only one of the best movies ever: Dirty Dancing.

Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze played Frances “Baby” Houseman and Johnny Castle respectively in what to me was one of the sexiest coming of age movies ever. I cannot begin to explain just how much I wanted to be Jennifer Grey, aka: Baby. Perhaps, more aptly put, I wanted to dance like Baby. In my mind only I still believe I can. I truly did have the time of my life, many times, watching that movie and dreaming of my head on Jennifer Grey’s body, doing the mambo and leaping into Johnny’s arms…No body would have ever put me in a corner

Some exciting news:

I was asked recently to help wedding coordinate an event in July! A sort of, almost, kind of on the edge of family relative asked me if I wanted to help at her wedding reception thanks to the recommendation of my son who knew that I absolutely loved planning and coordinating our oldest daughters wedding a few years ago. I am beyond excited. She and her fiance have really done all the planning themselves but just wanted someone to oversee and be bossy to the caterers, photographers, and such at the reception so that they could actually be the bride and groom and not the planners also.

A downside to this: I think I have to break down and actually buy a camera that will work effectively in any light and really allow me to begin to take some decent pictures. I would love to document some of the things at the reception for any future coordinator roles I might take on (this is a bold hint that I would love to do this more often, and I am reasonable) and as you know, I have made snide remarks in this very blog about my crappy camera. I would love to take more pictures and will be required to take more pictures come August when Baby Dazz makes her grand appearance so I think some camera shopping is in order.

Speaking of Baby Dazz and other happy news:

The expecting couple and I will be starting our childbirth prep series in a few weeks! As the couples doula, I am also reprising my previous occupation as a childbirth educator and we are going to have our own series of Lamaze classes. Now C, as a nurse and doula herself, could ideally give dad-to-be a crash course but I think it’s not really the same when you are pregnant yourself. She is supposed to drop the nurse/doula role and just be the mom-to-be so I hope it will be beneficial for both of them. Just gathering together all the information for them over the last few weeks has made me realize how much I miss teaching and being a doula. I loved that time in my life and really wish I had not felt the need to move away from those roles. (So there is another bold hint that I am also available to teach Lamaze/doula for anyone needing those services).

Other stuff: excitement level moderate

I have finished up my first stint as the moderator of that online writing course called Break the Block. Technically it ends this coming weekend but it has really pretty much wound down. I learned some great tips myself and we had a very large turn out for the class as it was free this time around. Not sure if or when it will be offered again but it was enjoyable and I would love to take on more moderator roles if asked in the future.

Work changes are occurring with some stress, some frustration and some excitement. Dr. appears to be finally able to move into retirement mode and our new upcoming employer is taking on a greater role in decisions and planning. It seems like the talk of this event has been going on so long and now suddenly we not only have a long time assistant retiring after many years but also a change in ownership occurring over the summer with new staff coming on board also. Lots of possibilities for the practice.

This is going to be a busy, jam-packed summer: Work changes, A in Oregon on field study with the UofO archaeology program, a wedding in July, baby shower planning, childbirth classes, watching Baby Dazz grow, the anxiety and awe of August and beyond that the looming question of who, what and where I might be.

Bring it all on. I am ready, willing and able.


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