Notes from the event planner

I met with my “clients” yesterday in my official capacity as reception coordinator for their July nuptials. Morgan and Mark are so incredibly organized in their planning for this great event that I truly question my actual need to oversee much at all, but the reality is that I think it will be a blast and they are now stuck with me.

We spent two hours at the Cheesecake Factory, discussing their plans over Godiva Chocolate cheesecake (them) and Vanilla Bean cheesecake (me). They are doing the event themselves, expecting roughly 200 guests and are really pretty casual about what they want. Morgan has provided a lot of leeway for her attendants who will be dressed in a grayish-lavender which carries on the loose them of “Provence in the Summer” accented with lots of lavender in her table arrangements. The guys will be in gray suits, wearing matching lavender color ties.

On a unique note, they chose Thai food but the inspiration for this is that they wanted to incorporate things from areas around the world they have traveled to. Sort of an eclectic mix for sure. This part is being catered by what I am told is “the best Thai place in Seattle.”

While a great deal of the details are still being finalized, they did show me diagrams and pictures of their event space and reception venue. It is a gorgeous building on the University of Washington campus where Mark is a grad student.

Their space has these fantastic high open ceilings, which makes it look huge, but from what I understand regarding actual available space, it is going to be pretty tight at 200 seated guests plus a dance floor.

I would love to see the venue in person, I can definitely work from a diagram but it makes me much more comfortable to have actually walked through the space when conceptualizing what they have planned with the reality of the day itself.  It is my understanding that there is an open brick patio area in front of the building that they would love to use but being a public higher education institution, the university frowns on alcohol making its way outside, so that sets up the potential for issues. That patio would go a long way in relieving some of the tightness within the space itself and although this is Washington and we are known for rain even in July, it could also be 90+ degrees. Guests passing out in the space would be something to talk about for years but probably not an awesomely welcome addition to Morgan and Mark’s wedding day.

So, for now not much for me to do. I am reviewing notes from yesterdays meeting, refining and making sure nothing glaringly absurd or bothersome is slapping me in the face as a potential issue. I do have some questions that have popped up since yesterday but I need to let the process roll along for a bit to see if some of these things work themselves out.

I could and would so love to do this all the time. The feasibility of that idea though is questionable. Age 52, and lets start another whole brand new career? The process alone of getting something like an event planning business started with no business experience at all is daunting. And my ideal is not to really turn this passion into a major business, but simply be useful in situations like Morgan and Marks: couples who are attempting to plan their marriage ceremonies with a lot of DIY aspects who just need some guidance and oversight or those who want to have special events for families and friends like birthday celebrations or anniversaries with a little flair, a little more than cake and chips.

Oh, the possibilities and dreams of a wanna-be coordinator extraordinaire!

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