On becoming a Versatile Blogger

A blog can be so many things.

It can be a place to gripe, whine, bitch and moan. It can be a place to rant, rave and tell the world and all within it just how horrible this place is. It can be a place to share dreams, ambitions, hope and yes, even failures. It can be a place of solace, a place to connect, even a place of anonymity depending on your fancy.

A blog can be cathartic, it can inform, it can educate, it can motivate, it can inspire.

A blog can erase boundaries of time, space and ability, both mental and physical. Bloggers come alive within the pages of their blogs and posts. Bloggers live out fantasies within the pages of their blogs. Bloggers are meek or bloggers are bold.

Bloggers and their creations are humanity itself. Blogs open doors and windows into worlds we might only imagine on the fringes of our consciousness. Bloggers have as many reasons to write as there are grains of sand. I am a blogger, and today I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by a fellow blogger who brings beauty, insight and depth each time she posts and I thank her sincerely for her nomination.

This lady can create a story with pictures alone. Visit her blog and see for yourself:


Follow her blog. The pleasure of stepping into nature with her photography can brighten even some of the dullest, hardest, and longest days. Those sorts of days when all you want to do is complain. Then you see pictures like this

or read posts like this one called “The Rabbit’s Return” and somehow you want to kick yourself a little and say “is it really that bad?”

So a huge thank you to Sue (Mac’s Girl) for the nomination!

Now, following the tradition of Versatile Bloggers before me, I must nominate 15 outstanding blogs that I feel deserve recognition. Will you be one of those?

Also, as a requirement for this award I must share 7 things about myself specifically for my nominating blogger but in this case how about if I put myself and my “stuff of interest” out there for all. So here ya go:

1. I want to stop working and write.

2. I want to live in Italy and ride around the countryside on an old bicycle, in the sun and picnic by the side of the road.

3. I want to be 21 again and live a completely different life (although I don’t want to give up my children).

4. I want to be unafraid to sing, loudly in public.

5. I want to know if ghosts are real.

6. I want to know what happened to the two Patrick’s from my childhood/adolescence.

7. I want to see my father again.







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