Miami Update: Homeless men make great snacks

I just had to revisit my earlier post from yesterday morning, mostly because I wanted to know what had happened since the breaking headlines shot across MSNBC with sketchy news of the Miami Face Chewer.

Today’s story found in the New York Post online doesn’t provide any real answers, just more speculation. I suppose that is all we will ever be able to do is speculate, as the attacker is dead and the man who was attacked, speculated to be a homeless person sleeping (?) on the side of a business freeway, does not appear to be doing well.

We do learn however that both men were discovered naked so that adds an interesting twist to the story. Drugs of course are suspected and in all likelihood the answer to the bizarre mid afternoon snack.

I’m not completely ready to give up on my werewolf theory just yet though, as the report does say¬† “the guy just stood … with pieces of flesh in his mouth and he growled.” That quote from one Larry Vega, mystery man and witness on the scene.


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One thought on “Miami Update: Homeless men make great snacks

  1. shittydad says:

    “It puts the lotion on it’s skin….”

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