Old is new again

I spent the last two days with my girls doing both baby/maternity shopping and vintage/consignment clothes shopping.

Yesterday it was the shopping mall for a few light weight maternity tops. Unless moms to be are shopping in stores designed for maternity wear, have you noticed where most retail shops place their maternity clothing?

Yep, near the large and typically older ladies clothing. Why is this? I concede that some pregnant moms may begin their journey to motherhood overweight but what I don’t understand is the correlation for the average size mom to be with the large, 1x-2x-3x section. Have we not come to realize in our society that being pregnant does not equate with being overweight? Mind you, not every retail establishment places the mommy clothing near this larger ladies section but more often than not that’s were you find them.

Today we struck out for vintage/consignment clothing for my youngest daughter. She had a list of stores all fairly close together in a small neighborhood near one of the local colleges. Little did we know that the majority of these shops did not open until late morning  and that a number were no longer in existence. We had the opportunity to see quite a bit of the neighborhoods in roughly a one square mile area as she drove back and forth in our vain attempts to locate some of these shops.

The ones we did get to though were all eclectic and really catered to the vintage more than the consignment crowd. We’re talking 1940’s to 1960’s era clothing with a few more modern things thrown in here and there. At our first stop, Nine Lives,  A almost had to leave the store with a shirt she had tried on and then couldn’t get off.  Her sister had to go into the dressing room and help her pull it off backwards. It appears the arms went on, but then would not come back off.

I found some fantastic candles there. They are soy based and made by Echo Valley Candles, and we had a nice chat with the owners father who was babysitting the store.

Two doors down was a fun little shop with lots of Indian related items called the Laughing Lotus. They had Buddhas, prayer flags, incense and tons of essential oils that they will mix specifically for their patrons into massage oils, lotions, etc. It was too bad that C had just purchased some lavender lotions the day before. We did find this great little statuette by accident there also. It is made of carved wood, a female figure with what can best be described as a spiral design, probably signifying Mother Goddess/circle of life/cosmic unity/? placed over her abdomen. If you know art history, think the Venus of Willendorf  just not as robust and full and ancient. C is going to use this for labor as a visualization, focal point sort of thing. She was already tuned into its power after we bought it. The little spiral area is perfect to rub with your thumb and you can visualize massaging the baby during contractions.

We did stop for lunch in the midst of all this shopping. I caved into my growing desire for some bacon (my one weakness as a vegetarian/flexitarian) with a salad called Phil’s Creation.

Fresh greens, oven roasted chicken breast, pineapple,
caramelized onions, hand crushed cashews and hot bacon
tossed in a sweet honey mustard dressing and sprinkled with
cheddar cheese.

We were eating at Farrelli’s Pizza and their lunch special included soup. The girls decided to go with that and had some wonderful Tomato Gorgonzola with bread sticks. I rather regret not having the soup.

After re-energizing and stopping to go pee (which is essential when you are 1. 29 weeks pregnant and 2. over 50) we hit a few more stores, ran into some construction, parked in a zone where we were supposed to pay but didn’t, got some flavored popcorn (Huckleberry and S’mores) and decided to call it a day.

Spending time with my girls was a great way to end my week of vacation.


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