Baby musings: expiration dates

Were you aware that baby items, such as car seats and such can “expire”? I was not aware of details such as this.

My husband and future grandpa works with a wonderful lady who very thoughtfully passed on a car seat/stroller system to us for either C & C to use or for us to keep around the house and use. They both are in relatively great shape. No stains, mars, nicks, dents and nicely clean meaning no visible baby puke anywhere.

When I mentioned this wonderful gift to C, the first thing she asked was,” What is the expiration on the car seat?”

“Expiration?” I said. “How can a car seat expire?”

She instructed me on where to find the date, which I did, and which by the way is found by flipping the entire seat over and looking on the plastic underneath.Something sort of like this:

Fortunately we have over a year before our system hits the magic expiration number.

Interesting to speculate what happens on that date though. Do the screws and rivets simply fall out of their proper places? Does the seat implode? Would the seat belt refuse to hold the system in place even one minute past midnight on that special date?

Possibly the bigger question is this: Am I just that out of touch with all things baby these days?

If I am going to be honest, and I will, it has been roughly 16 or 17 years since any of my children have been strapped into a car seat and a few more since the last one graduated from the booster seat and into sitting directly butt to upholstery. I now have to wonder if car seats had expiration dates way back then and I just never knew about this important piece of information.

That then makes me wonder about buying car seats at places like garage sales and consignment shops? Are young parents endangering their children by not buying new or is this expiration idea nothing more than a gimmick which forces parents to spend money unnecessarily? How long is one car seat good for? Can you use the seat for more than one child if you have a second child say two years after the first or must you go out and buy another new car seat?

The answer to those questions might be found here:

Many parents unaware of car seat safety expiration dates

Did you know that you can recycle parts of the car seat system:

And if car seat systems expire, what else expires that I don’t know about? What else has changed and how do I learn all of this important information?

I’m starting to think it’s going to be harder to be a grandma than I originally thought.


2 thoughts on “Baby musings: expiration dates”

  1. That’s very interesting! I didn’t know about the expiration date on a car seat but after reading your post I checked out one of the seats that we bought for our grandkids and sure enough it was there! Thanks for the tip!


    1. You’re very welcome. Since I am going to be taking care of this new little one when mom goes back to work I feel like I have to check everything now just to be safe! When did babies get so complicated…


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