Now I’ve gone and done it

Yep, I have committed to a series. On television. On Sunday evening. From 9-10:30.

I work on Monday. I get up at 4:30.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

This new-found delight is not even a new series. Background: I watch very little television. I have a few shows on Monday nights and Thursday nights that I like. When those aren’t on my husband has free rein on the TV. Oh, we do have another television set but why turn on a second electronic device when my preferred shows are on in the other room anyway.

Have you all heard of the PBS series, now out on DVD and probably other digital media, called Downton Abbey? Well, of course you have as this series is already past its second season. I know. I am way behind when it comes to jumping on the Downton bandwagon, and the biggest reason for this is the time this series airs in my locale. (See notation above)

I like to sleep. I need to sleep, especially on Sunday nights when 4:30, and my cat beckon just around the corner. I don’t live in a cave really. I knew full well of this series and its following. Time was the only deterrent for me over the last few years.

But Downton  knew how to get to me. How to dig in its magic charms of royalty, England, grandeur, history, suspense, romance. Downton also knew when to strategically reappear in my PBS lineup. She showed up quietly, by accident on a Sunday evening when coincidentally I had a week’s vacation and had no need to arise at 4:30 on Monday.

I am now hooked, line and sinker as they say.

Monday mornings are not easy. Maybe the answer is to stop working on Monday, especially since I have Tuesday off anyway.

Four day weekend anyone? It gets my vote.


3 thoughts on “Now I’ve gone and done it”

  1. ‘Larkrise’ was another of my favorites and if we’re really going back, ‘Upstairs, Downstairs’ was definitely a great series. The actors and actresses in all of these are so talented. I just adore Maggie Smith!


    1. A few years back another series caught my attention, but fortunately it was on Saturday evenings: Larkrise to Candleford.
      The father in that series actually plays Mr Bates in Downton so of course I was sold right off.


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