Here I sit, at the computer trying to kill some time before Downton Abbey comes on PBS in just over one hour. I have been wandering back through some of my older posts. I never quite realized just what an eclectic mix of topics I write about.

I was struck though by the realization that I hardly ever write about my son and I’m not really sure why. He is a terrific son. He is smart, funny, talented, loving and struggling to make it in a world that isn’t always kind to college grads who chose to pursue a slightly different path.

He also has a fantastic significant other in his life who he met while at college and who he began dating in his sophomore  year I believe. She is also trying to come to terms with the fact that what one has written on ones diploma is not always the life path that unfolds initially. These two have so much to give and are probably two of the most intelligent people in the mid twenty crowd that I know, yet they are stuck behind circumstances that keep them tied to a daily struggle to do nothing more than earn enough money to pay rent and live.

This instrument has been the guiding force in Jeff’s life since 5th grade:

So much so in fact that he turned his love of playing music into composing music and chose this as his major in college. I know nothing about the intricacy of composition, nor have any idea what one must do to put those compositions out into the world for other talented musicians to see, hear and desire to play as their own. He consistently works so hard, playing many of his pieces locally himself. He does have some connections through old school acquaintances but this passion that was supposed to turn into a career is stalled due to the fact that he wants to eat also.

Perhaps this needs to be an unabashedly open plug for my son and a call out to anyone who reads this blog or has a connection to anyone musical. Jeff today goes so far beyond his original debut with the alto sax in 5th grade playing his first solo to Hawaii 5-0. He is self-taught in so many musical instruments, many I am probably unaware of. He was self-taught in music theory until he reached college and could officially get credit for those self-same classes.  He composed and had pieces played by outstanding musicians. He received awards and honors for his work.

When contemplating grad school in 2010 he stuck to his passion rather than his practical inner voice. A Master’s degree in composition looks great, but ultimately means he faces the road toward research and eventually teaching. He is a great teacher, has had numerous students over the years, but teaching is not what he wants. He writes and he wants what he writes to be out in the public domain. He wants it to be played for the world.

Here are a few pictures of this son of mine, all with his companion.

This great guy, both of these great people just need an open door. An opportunity to shine. I know it will happen for them one day but as a mom I don’t want them to have to wait. I don’t want them to have to put aside their dreams and settle for occupations. I want them to both follow their passions and give to the world the way they were meant to.


2 thoughts on “Sons”

    1. Thanks! I really neglect him on this blog. Maybe because he just plugs away, living a quiet life and trying…
      I so want happiness and success for him and just keep thinking it must be right around the corner.
      We always joke about where all our kids get their musical ability. It is not from me, that’s for sure!


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