Can someone explain the term vacation to me?

I am currently taking vacation number 2. This one coming just a few short weeks after my first vacation.

Vacation is a relative term here by the way. I do not vacation in the normal sense. This is not my vacation:

In fact, that first vacation is a blur, literally. I have no idea what happened during that week other than I spent it doing non-vacation things. The same goes for this second week.

These are some of the things I do my vacation:

I clean my house.

I shop with my daughter looking for maternity clothes for her baby shower. After more stores than we could count, two shopping malls and 3 hours we finally found two dresses at Old Navy. I must interject that Old Navy has some really cute maternity clothes. Too bad most of them can only be ordered online. Lucky us-2 in my local store.

I meet with my wedding clients to tour the venue for their reception. The wedding is 3 1/2 weeks away!

I write a Sociology paper.

I bake and freeze goodies for the baby shower this weekend.

I do yard work.

I organize baby shower stuff. The picture below is NOT our shower by the way, merely an example. I have way more stuff.

I shop for baby shower food.

I clean again.

I plan an extra special post baby shower surprise for my daughter.

Which of course I can’t reveal here as she reads this blog.

If and/or when I find some extra time I do this.

Don’t you all agree-all of this looks like the perfect vacation? And guess what? In one week I get to stop being on vacation and go back to doing this. I think it’s called work.



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