Busy weekend

After one weeks vacation it is time to return to work tomorrow.

I would rather not, but the choice is not mine at the moment.

It was a great week here, sunny and warm. This is why I live in the Pacific Northwest.

Yesterday was the daughter’s baby shower. It took a lot of planning but what a fantastic, sunny and truly memorable day.

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I took her for a prenatal massage this morning and packed up a picnic lunch for her and the dad to be to enjoy today in our sunny, hot outdoors.

Hand & Stone Massage and Spa is a local business that sits in a quaint shopping village. It is surrounded by planters overflowing with lavender, the perfect scent for the mom-to-be. She had a 50 minute prenatal massage minus the feet and a full lavender scalp massage. She said it was heavenly and ended up being so relaxed after.

I had so wanted to be able to give her a foot massage also but that is a huge no-no during late pregnancy as the pressure points could send her into labor. We cannot have any babies until after July 28th-my wedding event takes place then so she can go have that foot massage on July 29th! By then she’ll be 38 weeks and ready I’m sure.


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