That brief photo excursion

I did manage to get out with the new camera the other day and gets some pictures although I was sidetracked by a little shopping trip and was then disappointed in the lack of nature in my local park. Sounds odd I know but I was really hoping for more flowers to be in bloom and this local park was not cooperating. There were a large number of children playing in the park that day also and I had this weird, creepy feeling trying to snap pictures when everything I wanted to photograph had semi-naked children in the scene. I had this nagging worry that police officers might appear behind me and inquire as to why I was taking so many pictures of little ones frolicking in the wading pool and grass.

I did get a few pictures that show a smidge of history of our city. We actually are rather famous as the home of Ezra Meeker, hop farmer extraordinaire. This picture actually shows a refreshed concrete and steel footprint of his original homestead which just happens to be in our local downtown park. The youths were hampering a better shot this time around.

Once dear old Ezra made it big in the hop industry, he and his family were able to move up in the world and build this mansion just a few blocks to the east of his original homestead.

The city now uses this gorgeous home as a museum and event venue for things like weddings

These are some of the other attractions that occupy this one particular downtown park: our library with its chiming clock tower, the newly built stage area where they hold outdoor concerts and directly behind that is the pavilion where part of our local farmers market takes place each weekend. The pavilion can also be rented as a wedding reception venue after a lovely wedding in the park proper.

Finally, I did get a few shots of some of the prettier roses that were still blooming in the small rose garden but missed out on the huge rhododendrons that had already come and gone.

And finally, just two of the many pieces of public art that adorn almost every corner and free space along our main street.


4 thoughts on “That brief photo excursion”

    1. Thanks! The roses were pretty nice still but there was little else in the flower department to take photos of. This is the one park in my town that even attempts to have more formal planted areas. I think I am going to have to venture farther out to neighboring cities for more varied nature candidates!


    1. Isn’t it amazing! I remember as a small child it was always one of the field trips taken by local elementary students. I was impressed then and I didn’t even know what a house like this was all about. I just knew I wanted to pack my bedroom up and move in!


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