Nature at its not so perfect best

It’s a gorgeous sunny day here, with temps about 80 degrees so I decided to take a wander through another of our local parks.

This one, named DeCoursey Park is an extension of the Clarks Creek Park system named for the meandering creek that runs along the north side of this area. It has been a destination for many moms along the western edge of our town for years. I remember taking my kids there when they were babies, so roughly 26 years ago.

I haven’t really had a reason to venture into this park in quite a while and the sad state I found it in was really disheartening. It was never a groomed sort of park per se, but the years of ducks and geese living and breeding within its pond have taken a toll. Nasty, stagnant water and waterfowl poop are the biggest claims to fame anymore, although the children’s play area is still well-kept and the picnic shelters and lawns are great.

Here are a few photos as I wandered the trail system around the pond area.

Most of the wildlife was not cooperating very well and even when I could get closer to them I was stepping in poop.

And finally, a shot of the creek itself.


2 thoughts on “Nature at its not so perfect best”

    1. While I appreciate the comment on the tranquility this picture creates, the reality is that this is the stinkiest end of the pond!
      It is nicely shaded down there, but you definitely need some nose plugs 🙂


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