Very Late Tuesday and/or Very Early Saturday Writing Prompt

As I missed the Tuesday prompt and with the anticipation of my granddaughter making her debut appearance into the world on any day (at least we hope), I thought I would attempt the prompt to either make up for my lack of input Tuesday or in an attempt to get ahead on Saturday.

Is there anything you don’t share on

I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit lately and the answer for me is that yes, I keep some things out of the world of WordPress. Why you might ask?

I am not big into linking this blog with every social networking site known to man, but I am linked to Twitter and Facebook. Originally I chose not to link to any outside resources, but I realized rather quickly that my readership was growing by nearly zero. Twitter and Facebook were two relatively easy sources for me to get this blog, as well as my second personality at The Perpetual Student, out to a wider audience, or at least as a means to annoy my contacts on Facebook with my never-ending blog posts. I know, I am not claiming to be a writer by any means. We all know from this post at TPS what it truly means to be a writer. I do however like to think that I might be reaching a few folks who find some of what I have to say interesting, amusing or just a way to pass some time waiting for their laundry to dry.

However, the people who read this blog are varied. Some of them even read both of my blogs. They are friends, family, other bloggers, co-workers, people who know me well and others who really know little about me except through this blog.

I have attempted at times to be a little edgy. I have attempted to come forth with opinions that may, to some, be controversial. I have noted on some posts that what I am about to discuss may not be to everyone’s liking. I have admitted to religious viewpoints that some would find downright and completely offensive. I stay away from politics and political opinion here as I tend to do in my life. I try not to openly criticize or complain or whine about anyone that may read this blog.

I am also human. Some people who read this blog irritate me, offend me at times, make me shake my head in perplexed wonder, make me want to scream in frustration even. But they know me, and I am not at a point on any comfort scale to voice my honest reactions to things that they do or say or behaviors they may exhibit or attitudes that I find obnoxious.  I have to live with, work with, talk with, and just in general exist with 90% of my readers on a daily basis.

I am also interested in exploring topics that many of my current readers might find to be completely unlike the person they know me to be.

Some of my fellow bloggers have purposefully set up their blogs with anonymous authorship. That idea is growing on me, but for now I personally sensor some of what I say here.

Bloggers, are you completely honest and open, and if not, why?


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One thought on “Very Late Tuesday and/or Very Early Saturday Writing Prompt

  1. There are certain things I don’t share when blogging, and I don’t link every post that I write to Facebook. Some of the people that I follow write things that I don’t necessarily agree with but I still like to listen to another other person’s point of view. Always love reading your posts and am waiting for the good news about your baby granddaughter.

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