The Wandering Archaeologist Returns

Still in the middle of a heat wave here with temps above 90 degrees so this is a short post just to say SHE’S HOME!

The crew actually broke camp on Friday, but she stayed in the Eugene Oregon area for a day to hang out with some of her comrades and then made a stop in Portland this morning on her way home to do a little shopping at Powell’s Books.

In her semi-professional words, “This was the best experience of my life.” I think that means she had a good time.

She also found Eugene to be a hippie haven, something that is quite appealing to this lady, who as you know if you have followed the blog for a while, is truly the reincarnation of the quintessential hippie chick of the 1960’s.

We have various piles of stuff strewn about, some allowed into the house and some not, and some gear, such as sleeping bag and foam pad, that is so gross that it isn’t worth keeping. She loved every minute of her trip, sandy dirt and all but she doesn’t get to bring the sandy dirt into the house.

I took just a few pictures of her return welcome home unloading. Right now she’s busy compiling pictures to use in her senior capstone presentation. When asked if the project was continuing next year, the answer was an emphatic yes. I could see the gleam in her eyes as she contemplated her return next summer, maybe as a grad student at the University of Oregon.

Hard to see the tan lines but the blister is pretty evident

Her cat is happy

The duct taped window is still intact

And finally a shot of the fine sandy dust that is covering not only her vehicle but everything else.


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