Can someone explain this WordPress thing to me

I am sitting here trying to kill some time while I wait for my dinner to cook. Tonight it’s a lentil, sweet potato, tomato casserole. This is one of my favorites but I haven’t made it in quite a while. In fact, I haven’t really cooked in what seems like ages as a few other things have been occupying my time. Hint: one of those other things is named Gisella.

I love to look at the Freshly Pressed section just to see the diverse blogs that are chosen to be “pressed” as it were. I have found some there that I follow, some with interesting content and others that just don’t hold any interest for me.

I wandered into my stats page and found pleasantly that even during the time I was away from this blog, again preoccupied by the little waiting game of pre-delivery of the aforementioned Gisella, that people were still visiting here. Actually the visits were pretty consistent and I am surprised as I was ignoring this blog entirely.  Thus the title of this post.

Just what is it that draws someone into reading a blog post?

Personally, catchy titles draw me in as exemplified by my scanning of Freshly Pressed blogs that have proved either really interesting or not at all capable of living up to the flashy post titles that hook me in the first place.

Is it just the luck of catchy, crafty tags?

Do regular bloggers troll the site, looking for specific tags of interest?

Does anyone actually pay attention to the categories? I suspect so because when I post photos, or music related items in those specific categories I get hits from other bloggers who definitely partake in the same interests.

Why is one of my most regularly read posts the one I wrote about Dana Carvey and his spoof of The Church Lady on old version Saturday Night Live? Why of all posts does this one stand out?

I think I have asked this question before and obviously it still puzzles the heck out of me. I have to say thank you though, to all of you, whoever you are out there that continue to stop by this blog, even when I don’t write anything horribly profound, entertaining, important or correct. Even if you aren’t actively reading the blog, you are stopping by and I appreciate that.

I just wonder though, what is drawing you here in the first place? Where do you find me as you meander through the world of WordPress? What is it that catches your eye, that makes you specifically say to yourself “I think I will see what all this is about” when you scan results in a search engine and one of my tags pops up? Do you return and simply choose to remain anonymous?

My curiosity is piqued and I would love to encourage anyone who actually is drawn here to leave a short note telling me why. Just who am I reaching with this whole WordPress thing…



3 thoughts on “Can someone explain this WordPress thing to me”

  1. I wrote you a long comment and my internet server ate it. Like you I read things from freshly pressed because of the title, or the bloggers name; and from category feeds after reading a little and wanting to read more. Once I’m following someone of course their comments show in the feed I see first thing. I’ve never searched a ‘tag’. And I think the posts that seem to get a lot of interest and we wonder why are probably the ones listed in the email wordpress sends people when we ‘like’ their post.


  2. I have to say for me it is because you support us and we like in turn want to support you. I enjoy reading post from different blog to see what other people are thinking and to connect with a different area or culture too. I find that I learn something each day I explore other blogs too.


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