A letter to an incredible woman

Dearest C,

Just over one week ago I was so privileged to witness the culmination of a turning point in your life. You became a mother for the first time.

The precious gift that you and C were pregnant presented to our family as a Christmas present just a few months ago was a moment that brought back so many memories of my first pregnancy with you. You had already accomplished so much in life and I was thrilled that your next accomplishment would be that of bringing your own daughter or son into the world.

You dedicated yourself to learning what was best for both you and your growing baby, making decisions and planning for the day when this little person would arrive. You reminded me so much of myself that at times it was like looking into a mirror.

Time passed and this little girl remained a stubborn force to be reckoned with while you held your ground and your beliefs. I watched you in the end undergo hours of determined struggle. At times it was easy to remove myself from the immediate realization that you were my daughter, not just my client. At other times it was all that I could do to stay as strong as you because you are my daughter.

I witnessed the birth not only of my grandchild, but of a powerful, strong and determined woman who when faced with unplanned decisions took control as is her style and new what was clearly the right thing to do. I watched you labor with a resolve to provide the best possible outcome for your daughter and you succeeded. I saw strength and courage flow from your body and was amazed when looking into your face that the tiny little baby I had held in my own arms was now such a fierce and powerful woman.

After our precious Gisella was born I know that I told you how proud I was of you but those words weren’t enough to describe what was really in my heart at that moment and what has continued to fill me with wonder and pride every time I have sat with you and your daughter in the last few days. You shared words, and thoughts and feelings with me and if I truly helped in the ways you mention to create the amazing woman you are today then I have done what I set out to do as your mom.

It is your turn now. It is up to you to teach your new daughter how to be strong, how to inspire, how to be capable and I know you will succeed. I see those same qualities in every movement you make, during every touch you give to Gisella, in every decision you have made since her birth. She will have no choice but to grow into an amazing woman herself with you as her guide. I will always be alongside you as I am with your brother and sister. There if you need me, but so ready to simply watch as you journey down your own path.

To my baby, my daughter, and to an awe-inspiring wife and mother-I love you.



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