Saving lives, one mini baby at a time

The new parents in our family received a really useful gift from the husband’s place of work after Gisella was born. It is a clever kit that includes a DVD and blow up life-size baby of about 1 month. It is designed to teach or review infant CPR and choking.

In fact, I found it online here and this is a picture of the kit.


My daughter brought it over today along with the real baby in our life. She and the husband had just watched the video which I think is great. Although she is a nurse, and like every health care provider must re-certify in the basics of CPR on a regular basis she eagerly viewed the video as a reminder.

In my recent job changes I have been joking about all the paperwork, background checks, fingerprinting, badges and such that seem to be involved when working with babies and children under the age of eighteen. My daughter and the husband noted that while I don’t have to have a badge and they anticipate that my fingerprints will check out clean with the FBI they did ask me to watch the video on infant CPR and I readily agreed. In my previous occupation I had and still hold CPR certs, Basic Life Support certs, and just passed the expiration on Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification. These were mandatory for surgical assistants in an oral surgery practice and the dental field in general has long encouraged staff to have minimum training in CPR for each and every practice. It just makes sense and in the case of surgery, we had to be capable of maintaining life support if needed for our patients.

This little video was about fifteen minutes long and for someone who has this background was rather redundant but no matter how many repetitive moments it held, it is so worth the time for anyone, grandparent or otherwise to know this basic and important information.

What surprises me is that hospitals are not sending new parents home with this kit. It states on the website that the kit is $35 which I assume goes back into education and covers the cost of components of the kit and such. Why wouldn’t a hospital simply eat the cost of these kits and offer them to every new parent? They should. How many new parents are going to have the time to enroll in an infant CPR class? Yes, I know that you can now find these types of classes online also, which I suppose is a fine idea if you have taken the class already or have a background in healthcare but what an outstanding gift to send home right next to the baby in the car seat.

I see possibilities here especially as I will have access to postpartum staff while I am screening newborns. I think this idea is so well worth exploring some inquiry needs to be done once I am comfortable in my new job. It certainly couldn’t hurt to ask why these kits aren’t available and it just might spark something that could potentially save a baby’s life.


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