Disdainful cats are funny

I just thought I would share a picture I took yesterday.


This is Snowflake and I love the look on her face and the place she chose to sit. I had purchased a few things for Gisella so that we have some play activities for her when she visits. This little toy is one which she can either lay on, which is perfect at this stage, or sit upright at and interact with the zoo animals hanging from the bar.

I set it up and casually placed it near the play yard I have set up in my office which has now taken on double duty as Gisella’s nap area. I turned my back and when I came around to clean up the box this toy was packed in I found the cat sitting smack dab in the middle of this device with the slightly forlorn and incredibly disdainful air. Parking her cat butt directly on the mat made it very clear that she was either claiming the toy for herself or complaining that “the baby” got something that she did not and she was none to pleased about it.

While I was taking the picture she did get up, walk over to me, rub up against me and then promptly return to the mat and plopped herself down again to reclaim her find. She didn’t stay long but certainly long enough to make her point.


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