Sunday Conversations

I was doing a little cleaning today and found some essential stuff that needed to get to my son. The stuff being referred to was of the health/immunization record, SSN/card sort of variety that for some reason did not make the move with him when he left a few years ago.

I thought this would be a great excuse to drop on over and visit with him and his girlfriend since I see them rarely. He’s busy, she’s busy, I’m busy and our lives just don’t coincide very often but being a rather cloudy, cold and rainy day I suspected they may be home and they were.

We, well at least I enjoyed a couple of hours of catch up on life discussion. This typically centers around jobs, the prospect of changing those jobs, the outlook for more schooling in both of their lives and just general chat about siblings and such.

I don’t know if either of these two amazing people realize just how much I enjoy conversations with them. When I’m with them I realize close up just how different my relationship is with each of my children. The relationship with oldest daughter who has the distinction of birthing my new granddaughter is one of a typical mother/daughter scenario. We talk life, kids, jobs, marriage, friends, cooking, shopping, etc., just about anything is fair game although it typically isn’t anything deep. With the younger daughter right now it tends to be school related but she and I can get caught up in social issues as well.

My son is a different story though. He is thoughtful about life, about society, about the world in general. He has viewpoints, strong viewpoints. This is not to imply that my girls are focused on trivial matters. Not at all, but for some reason, maybe it’s a gendered thing, trivia is not typically present in conversations with my son. Today we discussed politics, we discussed the system and failure of public education, we discussed if there was anything better than what we have. I listened to him speak about the time he is putting into researching issues to be voted on in our upcoming election. No one I know spends time actually researching issues. I am impressed by him and his convictions to making an informed decision. I am just impressed in general at his depth of knowledge and wisdom.

We talked a lot about his job, about the lengths he is going to on his own to improve for his job and about where this will lead him and about where he sees himself going rather it be down this road or another. I’m sure he has no idea how much I enjoy these conversations with him and with his girlfriend. I enjoy them immensely. I come away feeling like I have learned something each time.

I have three very diverse yet very connected children and they each bring to the forefront a unique perspective to my life and my worldview. I’m feeling like I’m pretty lucky and pretty proud of who I raised and how they all turned out.


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