A Homerian Odyssey (IlReAd)

One of my fellow bloggers has created a challenging community reading project that I decided to take part in.

Trophos over at the dancing professor has suggested that we read Homer’s epic, the Iliad together. She suggested this community reading project as a creative way to force herself to pick up a new version of the Iliad by Stephen Mitchell.

Now you must understand that this lovely lady is very intelligent and KNOWS Greek, as in all things Greek. She most certainly does not need to read this latest translation of the Iliad, but there is controversy surrounding this translation and being the person that she is, wants to see what all the hubbub is about, and I’m sure add her own spin to Mitchell’s attempts to make a classic by Homer reader friendly.


I on the other hand do not KNOW Greek which translates to: I could probably find the current country on a map; Greece’s economy is going to hell right about now, and way back when there were numerous gods and goddesses flitting about this mystical land interacting with mortals who were trying to get life right by ancient standards. Oh, and there was something about some sort of Trojan War–which involved some sort of wooden horse thing.

To be fair to myself, I’m not completely obtuse when it comes to bits and pieces of Greek history as the above paragraph might indicate, and to blow my own horn I did, without any provocation, read the Iliad at some point in high school. Sadly though I have no idea what I read, which really means I was overwhelmed and didn’t understand a thing. Thus, when this idea arose I decided to jump on board with the group.

The book arrived from Amazon a few days ago and I have slowly been making my way through the introduction with much help from my daughter, her love of the ancient worlds and her two semesters of Greek language skills.

Honestly, I think this is going to be a fun adventure. As I have a class winding down in the next few weeks it seems like a perfect time to see where this journey will lead. I’m not sure just how this will all go but if you see posts with the odd acronym IlReAd, then you know it has something to do with this translated classic piece of literature.

Here’s to some adventurous reading over the next few weeks.


6 thoughts on “A Homerian Odyssey (IlReAd)”

  1. I recently read a portion of “The Iliad” in my world lit class and really enjoyed it. At some point in time I had seen the movie starring Brad Pitt as Achilles, so I kept fighting this preconceived image of the scene and the characters in my mind! I hope you enjoy your adventure. Since reading the excerpt, I’ve tagged it as a piece I would also like to read in its entirety.


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