Baby faces working hard

I see so many changes in Gisella every time I am with her. Literally everyday something is new and I delight in doing absolutely nothing but playing with, talking to and interacting with her when I am babysitting.

We’ve been working hard on sitting up, rolling over and getting used to real food. Gisella’s mom recently started her on some rice cereal a few times per day and just introduced bananas a few days ago. I had found this nifty chair to use when she is at my house and mom and dad actually purchased the same one. It is a high chair without the legs and can strap securely to a kitchen chair. I liked the fact that it is portable but still has a tray for the time when she is older and can self-feed.

Today we had a marathon of play, exercise, eating and some napping in between. Here’s a glimpse at what our day was all about.

Hi, my name is Gisella. Tummy time with a short break to chew on my hands.


Maybe if I put my butt up in the air and swing it really hard I can just flip right over.


Nope, grandma had to help me. so now what do I do?


How about if I swing my legs really hard this way maybe I can flip back over.


 Learning to roll over is frustrating and it makes me really tired.


I’m just gonna sit up instead. I’m really pretty good at that.


Waiting for some cereal and bananas. But I have a secret…can you guess what it is?


I was secretly going poop while grandma was feeding me! Now I’m ready for a diaper change and a nap. Night-night everyone.




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