Sharing some happy news

A wedding is in our future! Our son and his girlfriend are getting married.

Jeff and Meredith have been a couple for a long while. He met her when they both lived in the same residence hall while at college during his sophomore year. That’s been about five, going on six years. They’ve pretty much been inseparable since.

If you remember some of my blog posts last summer about a wedding/reception I was helping with-that was Meredith’s sister. I was so excited to think that one day this would be an event for Jeff and her.

Meredith is smart, meaning intellectual. Meredith is honest, meaning she doesn’t mess around with her opinions. Meredith is kind and genuinely caring, meaning she is passionate about many things going right and going wrong in our world today.

Meredith is a great match for Jeff who has those same qualities, who after just turning 25 a few days ago, has turned out to be a pretty great man.

So now, as the planning begins, I get to wax nostalgic about this man who not so long ago it seems was the baby who decided to pee on me the first night he came into this world. The chubby baby with the infectious grin who used to scoot backwards into furniture crevices before he learned to crawl. The boy who played Ninja Turtles, who let his older sister dress him up in girlie tutus, and who always took the middle ground as the middle child. The young man who devoted hours and hours to music, who filled our house with the sounds of his guitar and saxophone and harmonica and even his ocarina.

Our family has known for some time that this event would happen, someday. It was all about Jeff being ready, the time being right. Yesterday while skiing with Meredith he proposed. I hear he had the ring tucked into a secret area in his ski glove. He proposed as they took a break sitting in the sun on a gorgeous snow-covered mountain.

Now all the real fun (for the rest of us) begins. You know that this blog will be filled with future wedding news. I can hardly wait.


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