Words, words, words. Let’s have fun with words.

Just a few days ago this site was posted as a link on my Facebook page. I realize that I posted in a comment to my blogging friend The Dancing Professor that the English language is really rather silly, stupid, and has ruined older generations forced to use it for years as they try to embrace other more colorful voice, which in my case means the French language. In short, it is just really hard to learn a new language at my age after being an English speaker for over fifty years. However, this adventure into words from Wayne State University  makes speaking our often confused and confusing language a little more fun. 

How many of us use the word armamentarium on a daily basis. So few that WordPress is actually trying to tell me that I have spelled it incorrectly. I am proud to say that I actually was familiar with this word. Way, way back in the dark ages when I was in dental assisting school I learned that word. Dental assistants regularly set up their treatment areas with needed armamentarium between every patient and that term was still used and taught in 1979.

Some words are just fun to say: balderdash, befuddle, bamboozle, and brouhaha, and those are just in the “B” section of the list.

How about trying out this one the next time you and your partner feel a bit frisky:

“My darling, I feel such a strong concupiscence for you right now.”

I’m going to let those of you who don’t know the word look it up for yourselves.

Here are some more of my favorites:

crapulent, crepuscular, dulcet, eschew (that one’s for my daughter), flibbertigibbet, and jejune

I am proud to say that I do recognize many words on the list and some I can even claim to have a priori knowledge of regarding meaning. (Note the use of a intellectual word choice in that sentence)

Here are a few I have never heard of. Do you know them?

lagniappe, mendacious, obstreperous, panjandrum, and quotidian. 

What I would really love, if I had the knowledge and power to accomplish this without any work on my part would be a word processing program that accurately and instantaneously replaces the correct word from the Wayne State list into my work. Again, giving a nod to The Dancing Professor regarding a post whereby she noted the proclivity of some students to attempt to use big words in their writing with the intent to impress said professor, I do realize that this immediate change in wording would lead to a number of issues, the least being annoyance for the many who have to search out meaning as they read, but think of the fun we would have with this system.

Rather than writing a dry, analytically boring research paper on deviant behavior how great would it be to spice it up a bit with sentences that use the word smarmy. When writing of the issues associated with patriarchy, rather than speaking of females being oppressed why not detail how historically easy it is for women to be tractable in our society while all the while we repress our saucy qualities. I can easily claim, and I believe I have, to be extremely obtuse when it comes to my current Statistics course.

There are just so many more possibilities so I have a challenge. If you find the time and desire to reply in comment to this post, stop. Go to the Wayne State University site Words That Deserve Wider Use. Formulate your comment (correctly) using words from their list. Don’t bloviate please, or be cantankerous, but I do hope that you feel ebullient in your efforts.


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