Sharing the awesomeness of my day

It’s been a pretty grand day for me.

Firstly I did not have to tutor this morning as we are on the tail end of the President’s Day/Mid-Winter break. I was at my breaking point last week with my 9th grade group. The apathy that comes out in waves from three of the six students is sometimes so overwhelming. I went so far as to ask the teacher to transfer my star student into another group. Her frustration is clear and so unfair as she does 95% of the work in the group, and I felt that she deserves more than what she is getting from those around her. It will be interesting to see what has been accomplished on Friday when we tutor again. The teacher promised some work and review of concepts. My personal opinion is that she needs to figure out just who exactly wants to take part in a meaningful way from this program and toss the rest out as I think they would accomplish more in a different elective course, or at least not drag those who are motivated down into the apathy pit with themselves.

I have been on a toss-the-crap clean out of my house again and over the last few days have taken about four boxes and eight to ten sacks of stuff to our local charity. I admit much of this belongs to my husband, who in a slight, but very real way, is a hoarder.ย His childhood was one of pretty deep deprivation when it came to having food, clothing, and just general necessities and so it is incredibly difficult for him to let anything go. I do mean anything. Luckily he keeps most of his saved materials to our bedroom closet and a small area of the garage. Every now and then I subtly remove the oldest of the collection and as our weather lately has been intimating spring what better time to transfer some of these not needed items out of the house.

I absolutely love organizing and moving unused, unusable, and just plain garbage items out and away. There’s another career I should have focused on, that of professional organizer. I feel such a huge rush of excitement when those hoarding shows are on TV and the clean-up crews and organizers come in. Leaving the dead rodents, felines and assorted animal and human waste out of the equation I could see myself very happy putting people’s lives back in order.

I have also done some outdoor projects, which probably wasn’t the best idea, but how can I resist being outside in the sunshine and knowing that winter messes need to be taken care of. I did get a bit carried away today but I think I caught myself in time and would have only had some sore arm muscles had I not made an inadvertent mistake while carrying cat litter. I have been anxious to change cat litter brands and found one today that 1) is clumping–a must have, and 2) contains only corn, cedar and pine. This means no dust-YAY, and a pretty nice scent as well. I dumped all the old litter into a bag and after cleaning the box with ammonia, refilling with the new litter and generally tidying the area I hefted the old litter bag out to the garbage. No issues until I attempted to lift the fairly heavy bag of old litter while trying to keep our broken (unknown to me) garbage can upright. My right wrist did some sort of funny popping, grating, stretching thing. While not horribly painful it just feels off. Mostly like things aren’t lined up correctly. Not broken but definitely different at the outer joint. It still functions perfectly well, just feels and sounds odd. The really sad thing is that the outer joints in my wrists haven’t been a problem. It’s always been the area closest to my thumb that hurts, pops, and cracks with arthritis. Anyway, I put on, and am wearing one of my wrist supports to see if that makes a difference.

I also did a little shopping, nothing major because I truly don’t need anything, but I did pick up a new pair of ballet flats in a medium brown. They aren’t the best for my feet and the arthritis I have going on there, but I refuse to completely give in to wearing sensible grandma shoes—yet.

Hope everyone had as wonderful a day as I did ๐Ÿ™‚


4 thoughts on “Sharing the awesomeness of my day”

  1. Next time I am in the Philadelphia area I’ll pop in and sweep the clutter from your life! You must be prepared though for some brutal and heartless purging ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Man, I wish you could come declutter my house! I get emotionally attached to every splinter and scrap that crosses my path and/or am convinced that *it could be useful later!* And efforts to purge usually just result in reflective sessions reminiscing about the origins of various items, and convincing myself of their emotional importance. Ugh.

    As for your tutees… I got nothing. That sounds like a demoralizing adventure, but I think – and I assume you agree – that it’s important for all of us to step up and support our communities however we can, even if it feels hopeless. Maybe you’re changing the trajectory of that star student’s life. That’s the hope anyway, yeah? And one in six isn’t bad.


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