A pretty swell couple

I haven’t shared much about the upcoming wedding of my son and his fiance because there hasn’t been too much to tell. They found a venue and have narrowed down a guest list both of which were their biggest priorities, so now it seems that they can move on to the fun of planning.

It’s interesting being the mother of the groom rather than the bride this time around. Of course they share all the big news, but it seemed that when the daughter was planning her wedding so many more incidental aspects were shared on a very regular basis. The flip side of that marriage was that we were paying for the majority of it, so being intimately involved made quite a bit of sense.

It may be also that there is just a different relationship between my son and myself. I have always seen in him the desire to stand on his own. He was never one to ask for much. Nor does he have a chatty side. He is straightforward, to the point, get it done. With Jeff you know that if he doesn’t find something earth-shaking then it’s probably not important enough to discuss much. This isn’t at all implying that his upcoming marriage is anything but a major life event, but the little details, the ideas about all that traditional wedding paraphernalia and such most likely don’t strike him as significant.

So information trickles in at a slower pace than the last wedding, and when it does it seems to bring with it not only surprise but great joy. The couple had engagement pictures taken recently and shared some with their friends today. Seeing Jeff with the woman he plans to marry brings so many memories flooding back and emotions surge through me. This man who is smiling, laughing and joyous with the woman he chose to be his wife is, and forever will be, my little boy.
















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