A friendly health warning

Remember that little stomach bug I posted about a few days ago? While it might be my advanced age and this might not apply to anyone else I feel the need to warn you to do your best to hightail it in the opposite direction of this thing.

Without giving TMI I think I was fortunate in how affected I was by this critter, meaning that since I had it hit long after my last meal on Friday evening, I was able to deal with only lower GI symptoms and keep things to one bodily orifice. I was however very nauseous and that seems to linger into what is now 3 days post onset.

I did nothing but sleep all day Saturday. Sunday I did shower but that was virtually all I accomplished. Today, thinking that of course everything was fine and dandy as well as believing that I was ravenous I ate a normal breakfast. This set off a chain reaction of bouts of nausea occurring roughly 1 hour after anything I put in my mouth. I kid you not, the nausea has resurfaced after each minuscule meal that I have had.

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For a while the only thing that even sounded good was eggs, so I had eggs for breakfast and eggs for lunch. I did get out to the store today and had an instant craving for rice pudding so I bought some ready-made. About an hour ago I could move beyond the egg phase and cooked up some already shredded hash brown potatoes, which tasted like heaven. My side dish was a small bowl of rice pudding.

I figure that in the next little bit the nausea will arrive again. I don’t know what this bug is about but once it gets you, it tends to hang on for dear life.

You may be smart to isolate yourselves indoors and away from any friend or foe that could be infectious. Those that were friends prior may not be friends after.

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