Thank you’s are never enough

I think it’s important to recognize and say thanks to everyone who takes the time to stop by this blog, rather that means skimming through bits and pieces of posts, reading every single post in its entirety, or following and commenting on a regular basis.

We all have certain tags or categories that we are drawn to, specific titles often catch our eye if we are wandering through Freshly Pressed. There can be any number of reasons why we as writers and readers of WordPress make a connection to a blog and its author.

I just wanted to take a moment and tell everyone who has come to this blog, rather it be one time or rather you happen to be one of those consistent readers, ย that I appreciate you, your likes, and your comments.

It means a lot to me that you have found something here that draws you in and I hope, keeps you coming back. I meander through so many blogs that are so well written, that focus on a specific theme, that are profound, that just have that certain something that brings people in and keeps them coming back.

I ramble on about topics that are interesting to me, but I often question how interesting they are to anyone else. Then I remind myself that there is a sea of humanity out there, and it only takes on blog post to catch the attention of one of those humans. That one just might beย theย one, and so I keep writing rather I think my story is inconsequential or not.

So to everyone who has visited, continues to visit, or is here for the very first time:

You all make me exceptionally happy that I have this forum in which to be myself and share that self with the world.





6 thoughts on “Thank you’s are never enough”

  1. I love likes and comments too. It’s always such a nice thing to see that orange thingie light up in the top righhand part of my screen! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read of your blog. Keep up the good work!! โค


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