A day with the future Mrs.

Just got home from the wedding dress review and have to say right off that I cannot post pics. Sorry but no sneak peeks, everyone will have to wait until the big day then see all the candid shots I can snap.

This was Meredith’s second go round with dresses. Her first was in store with about 10 dresses that just didn’t scream out PICK ME!

So today it was her moms dress and three others. She ordered these online so we had the convenience of shopping at home. It was a fairly quick process to eliminate one right away. There was also one standout but it was in direct competition with another and her mom’s dress. Mom’s reminded me somewhat of my own wedding dress-at least in the neckline and it looked lovely on Meredith.

We looked at a classic style and a fun unique style. Both had great aspects.

She did say yes to one of those three but that’s all I will reveal until October, although I would love to tell more.

I also got some great news about both her job situation as well as a great prospect for my son’s current level of employment. If all goes well with his news then a definite move is in their future. Luckily it’s not too far, just northward a bit and that will be the most practical thing for them.

They now move on to figuring out food and catering and the men’s attire. We know bow ties are involved, but don’t think traditional tuxedos at all. You may remember my comments about the illusion of the 1920’s, Downton Abbey ideal (at least I think I mentioned that in a post earlier), yet also think an eclectic version of that. I think it’s safe to post one of her ideas from Pinterest.



Yes, the checked shirt stays.

Her color palette includes



I’m leaning toward the moss for the mother-of-the-groom attire. What do you think?

We had a great lunch after. It’s always a pleasure to talk with her parents and sister. They are a great family and once more I am reminded of how wonderful it will be to have Meredith join our family.


6 thoughts on “A day with the future Mrs.”

  1. I love the color palette! Any of them would look lovely on you, but I do like the moss or aloe for you especially.

    And thumbs up on the men’s attire inspiration!


    1. Aloe was my second in line but the moss is more autumnal. Also the bark is an option as well, maybe brown could be my “little black dress” in this case!
      I’m actually pushing for a total themed wedding with everyone in 20’s/Downtonish attire although I do realize that idea may be a bit impractical and this really isn’t a costume party 😉


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