Afternoon projects: day 1 and day 2

Day 1:

Yesterday, because the sun was out and I was walking with the daughter and baby G and saw the multitude of weeds in my flower beds, it turned into a garden afternoon.

Each and every time I do this, I kick myself because it aggravates the arthritis in my hands and wrists. I was doing pretty well until I decided to lift and dump an old flower planter that had seen better days. That was a mistake and my right wrist is still sore, although I was smart enough to put my trusty splint on just after my stupidity session–maybe next time (because there will be a next time) I will splint BEFORE I proceed.

I seriously think it’s time to consider a yard service. It is just so, so hard to make that ultimate decision to leave even the simple gardening to others. I love puttering in my beds, but the fingers don’t pinch very well, the wrists are too weak, the neck screams for days and the legs come close to not supporting me at all.

I sit and ponder that question Take one more thing away and what do I have left that I enjoy?

So on to day 2:

The sun is once more out, the weather is lovely and I am doing everything I can to avoid looking at or even going outside for long because those damn weeds are still calling my name. Plus I have a bed directly in front of my front door that is overrun with a lovely variegated grass which I thought would stay nice and clumpy like the ones I planted in my back yard. No, this grass is true grass. It goes and goes and grows and grows. It now has to go, completely, because it is choking the other random plants in the bed.

So my indoor project has been to place my new loose leaf tea in some nice glass containers. If you remember by jump on the composting bandwagon from a few months back (which is going great I must say), I did note that I wanted to start drinking loose leaf tea rather than bags, even though those bags are compostable. I think I even mentioned that I found a few local varieties to try. I have not been too impressed with them. Just not the flavors I really wanted.

I broke down a few days ago and even though I could make a small road trip to Seattle to visit the store itself, I decided to order some of my favorite tea from the Market Spice store online just because it was more convenient. I got my all time favorite: Orange-Spice, as well as a Chai. The difference when I opened the bags to put them into the glass canisters was amazing. This stuff looked, and more importantly, smelled like tea. Strong, earthy, sweet, spicy, tea. Nothing like the rather bland, twiggy stuff I have been choking down.

That alone made me happy and helped me forget about sneaking outside. But wait, there’s another project.

While I was purchasing those canisters I also ran across some nifty little containers to put my spices in and create my own cute little spice area. I have long had one of those random, odd sized, bagged versus plastic versus glass spice sections in my cooking cupboard. No more. They are all nicely contained, labelled and organized. I would show you a picture but my camera is dead and I didn’t want to wait around for it to charge so just use your imaginations to see a highly organized spice cupboard and my smiling face along side.

I feel very productive even though I would rather be digging and pulling and feeling useful outside. Arthritis sucks big time. I would give anything on days like this to have my 35-40 year old, pre-arthritis body back.


6 thoughts on “Afternoon projects: day 1 and day 2”

  1. Ooh you made that tea sound so appealing..

    I’m with you on the calling TIME and hiring a yard service. For me it’s things inside the house – I have to call removal men to move a large bed from one room to another ?!
    Perhaps you could be out while they do the work then try and just enjoy sitting and reading in the garden once done?


    1. I think I would have to be gone-the desire to putter would be too great. The yard is just so big-maybe if it was very small I could still manage–at least I tell myself that 🙂


        1. Gladly, although I don’t think anything but a backhoe is going to move that ridiculous grass in the front planter!
          You can have any free space you want to clear and plant whatever you like to harvest–chickens may be out though but the goat would come in handy 🙂


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