ALERT: You may be seriously off my radar

I have been on a whirlwind of spring cleaning when it comes to social media. I feel accomplished. I feel fulfilled. I feel gratified. I still like all of you, but no, you can’t come back to my page, or inbox or timeline. Sorry, that’s just the way it has to be.

Twitter: I post this blog there although I’m not sure why as I have few followers from that source. Who do I follow? My son only. It has become the easiest way to keep up with him and interesting tidbits happening in his life.

Facebook: I chopped a lot of friends a few months ago and even more recently really cut down on the info I receive from the few remaining friends pages. Sadly, I didn’t even know I could do this until my daughter gave me the insight. I can now log on and see nothing new for days. It has become my place to play a few solitaire games and steal the latest pictures of the granddaughter out and about. I’m having a few withdrawal symptoms, but I really realized that what was filling my news feed was stuff that I didn’t want or need or care about. Now it’s important life events and some pictures, not every “like” or “status update” or “game score” from every friend.

I’m wondering if the day will come when I can toss FB entirely.


They are all still being subjected to this blog though as it is linked to Facebook. Many people do read it there so that won’t change. I am not a follower of many blogs. I have some that I look forward to reading each morning while I drink my tea. Those are the ones that I feel a connection to as their authors have touched something within me or post relevant information, or even not-so-relevant information but at least have important stuff to talk about that I enjoy. Those are my go-to blogger friends.

I have others that I picked up long ago and after really taking stock, I realize that many of these are truly no longer active. With some of those I’m okay that I can delete them. For a few, I wonder honestly what happened to the writers. These were blog authors who used to post on a regular basis. like every day. Their blogs have been silent for months. That is disturbing. Maybe they got busy. Maybe they took their words to another site. Maybe something else happened. That last one is the worrisome answer.

Some that got the boot are those that tickled my fancy for an odd reason or topic, but in reality haven’t sustained by desire to hang around. That’s not to say that the blogs are bad (and who the hell am I to judge good from bad) but that they just don’t touch the same warm spots that my favorites do. In that regard, if I can take them or leave them I decided to leave them.

It feels good to free up these ties to the world of social media and that endless checking into others lives. It doesn’t mean that I don’t care. I just don’t need to care every minute that I sit down at my computer.

My phone may be next, although I think I have weeded through most of the people there and taken that list down to the ultra important folks in my life.

I was on Pinterest for about 2 weeks, mostly to keep up with some of the ideas for the upcoming October wedding of the son. I pinned about 5 things, lost interest and ended my account there. I just don’t get Pinterest no matter how many times I hear how wonderful and fun it is.

I wiped out my Yahoo account long ago. My Google account I will keep because I use contacts there for work so I probably shouldn’t do away with that yet. My other regular email has to stay also. That because all my online bills sit in that inbox waiting anxiously to be paid and I have connected my college email account to that one as well.

I think I covered everything but how can you really be sure anymore? When your life is not your own, but dependent upon technology every second of the day how do you know who or what is coming or going, where you posted what and to whom, and if anyone really cares?

Do you ever feel like you’re defined by an @ sign, or a .com address or a user name? What did we do before social media? I don’t think I remember, do you?



3 thoughts on “ALERT: You may be seriously off my radar”

  1. I can’t be bothered looking at facebook, though I know I ought to for promotional purposes. Twitter is even worse. Blogs – well, I feel as you do, some I would read anyway, others are a chore. The thing is not to BE one of those blogs, or at least, only for the people whose readership you don’t entirely value.


  2. I wish I could get rid of FB. But the truth is, without it, I’d lose track of most of my friends, since I so rarely call or email them. I tried Pinterest and was put off. But you’re right – there are a zillion old accounts I’ve lost track of! Friendster, myspace, yahoo… it’s all just out there, for better or worse.


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