Another one bites the dust

Maybe that isn’t the best title for this post but it probably caught your attention so keep reading even though this isn’t all that exciting.

I sent in my resignation/2 week notice today to end my really part-time, 1 day per weekend job screening the newborn babies for hearing loss.

Yep, that means in 2 weeks I will be down to the one job that I originally intended to be doing solely when I left dentistry and that is taking care of Miss G.

But why you may ask–

Was the job awful? No it wasn’t. It was an independent position working in an environment that I love with babies. How could that be awful.

Won’t you miss the paycheck? Again no. This is a low paying job and that’s not why I took it in the first place. To be blunt, I often surmised that I was spending more in gas money to commute to and from this job than I was making every 2 weeks. Does that illustrate just how part-time and low paying it is? It was interesting and easy and mindless and something to do. 

Okay, so why? I liked the job but I didn’t love the job enough to continue giving up my Saturday afternoons/evenings. I never intended to replace one job with three. Now I can be back to one.

You never do anything in the evening anyway? Well, I wouldn’t say never, but you’re right I am not a gad about town sort of gal who spends her weekends cavorting from frivolous encounter, to bar, to whatever one does on Saturday evenings. It is however summer and I would enjoy doing nothing more than sitting on my deck on a lazy summer Saturday evening with a great book and some nice cool adult beverage, or seeing some theater, or a concert every so often. 

I bet you will be bored sooner than you think won’t you? Maybe but with only 3 classes left before my final degree seminar, a wedding coming just around the corner, and an energetic Miss G to care for I doubt that I’ll be that bored, and if I am, there’s always places to volunteer, which would be great.

But isn’t that like going right back to another “job” ? I don’t look at volunteering that way. When you volunteer it can be on a very limited basis depending on what you volunteer for. There are tons of possibilities if I really want to feel involved in something more. For now I just want to enjoy Miss G and my summer and the upcoming wedding.

So I can go over to Facebook and change my status once more and look forward to putting away, for the final time, my scrubs after 20+ years of wearing those things often more than my own clothing, turn in my ID badge and my parking sticker and walk away from this job happy and knowing that I can just be grandma for now. That’s more than enough.



5 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust”

  1. If you can do it, it’s a great decision – you don’t have to justify it to anyone. If what you really want to focus on is Miss G, do it – you can always go back to the grind another time, if you ever want to. Life is change.


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