Some more incidental rambles

Busy, busy life lately.

Most of this past week was spent in various forms of moving, packing, unpacking, and caring for little Miss G. The daughter and son-in-law are nicely settled into their new home.

It is lovely and I will try very hard when I go up later this week  to remember my camera. I will snap some photos and post them for everyone.

The entire process was actually pretty smooth, once all the paperwork was signed and delivered. They were actually moved in in just under 2 days and really have made remarkable progress in getting unpacked and settled. With some help from various family members they were able to purchase some still needed furnishings and other household necessities so their house really looks like a home.

It’s funny to sit in their downstairs area, which is probably bigger than their entire first home and realize that they have another complete floor upstairs, which if it just had a kitchen, could be a home all itself.

Needless to say, they are incredibly happy.

Miss G has given us some exciting news to share. She has finally realized that she can walk on her own! While still very hesitant most of the time her Aunt Alison was working with her the other evening while we cared for her and Miss G decided to take some purposeful steps on her own.

Of course, she has to do it on her own time and wouldn’t show her mom at all. I can see her confidence growing though. I was with her today and “walking” actually became a fun game for her. She has a soft blanket which she loves to snuggle in. It was on a chair and I was on the floor about 4 feet away. Miss G, over and over again, would stand at the chair, do a quick snuggle and then turn with a huge grin and walk to me. This was not random in any way. She truly knew what she was doing and was loving it.

Later, on her own, she actually attempted to go from the couch toward that blanket/chair and made it a few steps before she realized what she had done.

I probably won’t be seeing her until Wednesday and I suspect she may be doing quite a bit of walking by then.

I have a few days to catch up on chores at my own house, work on homework and get things ready for a garage sale. If I get really organized, maybe I can get the sale set for this coming Friday and Saturday. Fingers crossed.

Later that Saturday evening the youngest daughter and I are going to see a production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

If you’ve followed this blog for any time you know that for the past few summers we have had a tradition of attending a quasi-local production focused on specific decades of music-typically rock and roll.

Apparently anything past the 1970’s really doesn’t fit the overall theme of wild, free, crazy summer love so this year the production is altered a bit and is billed as “not just a musical but a spectacle with all the stops pulled out.”

Still rock, still 1960’s and apparently a rollicking good time. I’ll let you know. It’s a tad bit unique I think that two atheists are attending this production. We are going for the music, not the message.





3 thoughts on “Some more incidental rambles”

  1. I discovered that album – yes, on vinyl! – in my parents’ collection when I was 13 or 14, and many a rock-out session was had to it, and many a contemplative reflection on Jesus as well. I look forward to hearing about the performance 🙂


    1. We both (the daughter and I) have to go into this not as a night of critique over religious beliefs and I think in this case we will be fine. It is the overwrought, overabundant, overzealous, over-the-top members of organized religions who try to control and try to convert that mostly set us on edge…


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