New homes and 1 year olds

I have been promising some pictures of the new addition to the extended family–the oldest daughter’s new home. I finally did take some yesterday among trying to get some current pictures of Miss G, but fortunately I discovered that the daughter had actually posted some pictures of her own on her blog recently.

I am taking the liberty to link her blog here for you to see some of what they now get to call home.

As to the pictures of Miss G–this little girl is just not all that easy to pin down anymore, especially since she is highly mobile and has realized just what cameras are for. Posing is not among the highlights of her day.

I hoped to catch her walking for you, but usually she is walking toward me expecting me to catch her and taking pictures isn’t all that conducive to the arms out and open position she expects.

I got nothing of excitement yesterday so am going to hold off posting any of her. I will be with her both tomorrow and Thursday so fingers are crossed that I can catch a few moments.

It is so hard to believe that in just about 1 month she will be 1-year-old. What an amazing year and what an amazing little girl she is growing into. Loving, stubborn, trying, confident, adventurous, curious and oh so smart. It’s a little unnerving to think about what I will be writing about her in this blog next year at this time.


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