Arthritis feet and cat pee

This really should be two separate posts but my day was taken up with both issues so I think it’s appropriate to consolidate these two unrelated topics.

Arthritis feet

I knew that it was going to be a struggle to find shoes to go with the dress I have for my son’s wedding in October. Having arthritis in your ankles and other joints of the foot makes finding shoes a challenge, and I am just starting to come to grips with this journey. Up to this point I have been trying to ignore the fact that going into a low-cost shoe store and buying something cute for $20 is a reality well past its prime for me.

Fortunately with it being summer I haven’t had too many problems with these decisions as I have two pairs of sandals that are relatively comfortable. They won’t go with the chosen wedding attire however.

I also realize that as fall fast approaches (and this is the rainy Pacific Northwest) I have to find something to cover my feet. I chatted with a friend who also has arthritis in her feet and she recommended the brand Clark’s so off I went to my local mall and the Macy’s store to see what I could find today.

I found frustration, that’s what I found. I am looking specifically for a grey or metallic pewter color to match one of the shades in the dress. Do you think they had anything to fit that goal? Of course they did-just not in my size. Repeated checks of other stores proved fruitless as well. Without going into loads of detail about the oddities involved with my feet (think different sizes for different styles for one) I came home and started searching the internet. I found shoes starting at roughly $80 dollars, which made me cringe. I seriously have never paid $80 for a pair of shoes, which is either really sad or means that I don’t dress very well.

You have to remember that my chosen career fields over the years called for either casual attire so cute flats worked well, or scrubs which meant athletic shoes or clogs. I would guess that the most expensive pair of shoes I have ever bought was about $50 for a pair of boots that I love and hope I can still wear.

These shoes are a wear-one-time-only sort of purchase so how can I justify that expense? The search moved on and lo and behold, a pair of silvery Clark’s sandals in my size just happened to show up. They have a low heal at 1 inch which is my limit, are sort of T-strapped and have a rocker sort of sole that actually feels really good when I walk. The downside is that I still will most likely only wear them once or twice, but somehow $50 was a bit more acceptable.

When they arrive, if they truly are a keeper I will post a pick. I am so thankful to Jeff and Meredith for planning a casual wedding. I don’t know what I would be wearing if this affair was going to be at all formal.

Cat pee

I’m sure I posted something about our aging cat at some point here on the blog. Actually I know I did because it was in reference to her habit of standing alone in a room yowling for someone to either come into the room with her or lift her up into her cat bed to sleep. That conversation came about thanks to my blogger friend The Dancing Professor (who has a nice blog that I recommend visiting) as she was lamenting about her very old feline friend doing the same sort of lonely and loud yowling.

So my aging cat, in the last 6-8 months, has increasingly been remiss about her aim when using the litter box. Lately she hasn’t even been getting but a drop or two into the box. This means that she is basically going pee outside the box, even though I know this really isn’t her intent. I think that she thinks that she is perfectly positioned when in reality she has this one corner that she prefers and ends up with some pretty poor aim.

The process over the last few months as this behavior has increased is to place some lovely plastic shower mats down, and even more recently (because there were constant puddles showing up on the mats) some very old towels have become an intermediate layer adding some absorption quality.

The reality has been that each time she uses the box I have to follow behind her, or check as soon as I get home and try to determine if the towel is damp. It usually is. This means the towel gets changed, the plastic gets wiped down as does the outside of the box and we wait until the next pee to see just where it will land.

Long story short I went to the local pet store, found an uncovered cat litter box (I think she would freak out with a cover, or not find her way in, which could really be bad) that has a nice step in area but 85% of the sides are about as tall as she is when she squats. I don’t think it will be physically possible for her to hang her rear end over the edge, although she may surprise me and if she does then I don’t know what comes next. On a side note I have never encountered that many litter boxes before. I was very impressed with the corner unit but that was a little large for our needs I think.

Fingers crossed please.


Happy 1st Birthday Miss G!

August 26th, 2012 at 2:40 AM this little wonder came into the world after a labor that wasn’t going quite according to plan.


One year later, even with a horrendous cold, streams of snot constantly running from her nose,  Miss G celebrates turning 1-year-old.





Blog trolling

I’m getting a little fed up with all the ridiculous likes and even more ridiculous and completely not on subject comments I seem to be getting from the blog trolls out there.

I also know that this post is inconsequential as the trolls never read what they are liking or commenting on.

I have the personal satisfaction of trashing and/or spamming them however, but they are invading my space, making me spend time dismissing them to that little garbage can icon, and just generally being annoying all for what purpose?

I don’t even get the nasty ones. I get the ones who cannot write grammatically correct English sentences.

Those make me chuckle for a second. They then get canned.

Such is life with an open to the public blog.

Not seeing the point

Well, admittedly I must be the worst blogger in the world and it’s perfectly fine if the powers that be who rule such things blog related feel the need to remove me from this world for a short time as punishment for my errant ways. I have already sort of removed myself as it were anyway.

Of course no blogging gods are going to swoop in and take this blog down but guilt over my non-blogging (the last one on this blog was July 27th) is making me feel as if some sort of chastisement is in order. 

I so enjoy reading all the blogs I follow and do that religiously each morning. It’s the writing part that has escaped me for what reason I don’t know. It even seems to take a great deal of energy to comment back on some of those blogs I follow. I was never a major commentator, but I find myself reading some really funny or profound, or sad words that set off all sorts of thoughts in my head but those thoughts don’t transfer to my fingers moving over the keyboard with anything brilliant in reply. 

I honestly don’t think anything brilliant has the ability to come out of my brain right now and that’s sort of weird and disturbing and sad all at the same time. Whoa—back that up. I don’t mean to presume that what flows from my brain is always a masterpiece of scholarly or prize-winning writing. Far from it. That is the very reason that the subtitle to my blog is something about …random musings…

This is the place that I can add commas where they don’t belong, or forget commas where they are supposed to be, show how  grammatically incorrect I can be and not care (maybe care a little), and most of all: write just the way I speak. That says quite a bit about the first two in that list actually. What’s important, and why this blog will never be anything more than an extension of the teenage diary with the lock that didn’t work, is simply the fact that I can do whatever I want here. I’m not trying to impress anyone. If that happens somewhere along the line, well then that’s great and I will take a measure of credit, but this blog has always been and always will be a place to just write about stuff.

That brings me back to the point of this post. I don’t feel as if I have any “stuff” to write about lately. Life is just sort of inching along, uneventful, uncompromising, and inconsequential. I don’t want to keep writing about my amazing children, or my amazing granddaughter (who really is you know), or the menagerie of critters that have taken to eating breakfast on my deck. I could do all that of course, but I’m searching for something more meaningful I suppose. 

I’ve looked back over older posts and wonder where the witty and even profound words that occasionally came from this blog have gone. It has felt like a chore lately to even think about putting words down here and hitting that Publish button. I suppose this proves that I could never be a writer. Deadlines would loom and I would be sitting idle with nothing to say. I have to want to write to actually write and apparently I haven’t had any desire or need to write lately.

I have to wonder if this little phase coincides with the fact that my life as a real, employed member of society is done, and my career as a student is rapidly coming to an end (3 classes to go), and my children are living life as adults (and probably don’t want me writing of their world anyway) and now I have to figure out what to move onto next.

I was actually lying in my bed last night and this thought came to me: “I must get a new hobby.” That revelation started all sorts of what-if thoughts and I had these visions of me crafting odd bits and pieces of ephemera sitting behind some sort of craft table at a local market with very nice, but disinterested folk walking past muttering, “that’s the 18th older lady we’ve passed trying to sell crap that nobody wants…”

Maybe I need to meet up with the 17 older ladies before me and we can all figure out what to do with our time and energy together…maybe form a blogging community where we only write on occasion about our rather dull lives.