Blog trolling

I’m getting a little fed up with all the ridiculous likes and even more ridiculous and completely not on subject comments I seem to be getting from the blog trolls out there.

I also know that this post is inconsequential as the trolls never read what they are liking or commenting on.

I have the personal satisfaction of trashing and/or spamming them however, but they are invading my space, making me spend time dismissing them to that little garbage can icon, and just generally being annoying all for what purpose?

I don’t even get the nasty ones. I get the ones who cannot write grammatically correct English sentences.

Those make me chuckle for a second. They then get canned.

Such is life with an open to the public blog.


6 thoughts on “Blog trolling”

  1. are those for-real spam comments you’ve gotten?! Ugh. Every now and then I open my blog up to search-engines, but then I start getting dumb spam and lock it down again. It really annoys me that people fake interest in what we actually put ourselves into. How mean, how small-minded.
    That said, ‘tacking the thyme’ *is* hilarious.


    1. Those first two are creations of the son-in-law who was pretty spot on with the “anonymous” comment–until I saw the name associated with the second and that it came in just minutes of the first–deductive logic followed so I had a great laugh and apparently the daughter did also. I do want to use that “tacking the thyme” in some piece of writing though, but haven’t quite figured out just where yet.


  2. I wish to not share my email address with you because I do not really want to have any sort of spam unless it is the kind from the can, thank you for taking the time to review my comment on you open blog.


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