Wedding day

Look over at the ticker–the big day is here!

It is all still very surreal even after a very long day yesterday getting the venue set and ready to go. I do mean a very long day, and today will be even longer.

There’s always the last-minute things: “oh we forgot…” “this won’t fit in my car, can you come get it?” “does anyone have…” “time for the Costco run” “who has the…” and probably the most common comment/question of the day “where do these go?”

We had grand ideas for an even earlier than planned start to set up yesterday and as anyone who has ever had a wedding knows, we didn’t succeed very well in that area. I had to meet the groom to retrieve components of a sound system that really should have arrived at the venue by commercial truck lines. We barely got them in my SUV. They never would have made it into his VW Jetta.

The venue  is a very historical cultural and fraternal hall in one of the original parts of Tacoma Washington. The bride and groom used to live just a few miles from this area. It is old, quaint and what you might expect from this sort of facility. The caretaker and rental manager is an older gentleman. One of the reasons things got off to a late start is that this nice, but I believe rather lonely old man, had to give an endless tour and tutorial regarding the use of the venue. Think every light switch, every possible corner and crevice, every place we aren’t allowed to go, etc. That set the initial early start back about one hour.

I don’t think we will relive all the glitches here. I did that enough last night, for about three hours in fact, which means that I got about four hours sleep. I’m sure there are others who will be just as sleep deprived so I have decided not to whine about this and move on.

Long story short, we put up decor, we took down decor, we replaced and reconfigured decor, we have dance music, we have tables ready and waiting for the caterer and a very, very well stocked bar with multitudes of craft beers created by some of the couples good friends.

I plan to be there just a tad early today, prior to the picture-taking session and will try to get a few shots of the tables and such. I took a few brief pictures of some of the set up yesterday, but was too tired to even find my camera by the end of the night. The theme is sort of country-farmy-outdoorsy-casual. The bride grew up on the eastern side of our state where farming is king so think wheat, harvest, that sort of thing. At the same time, they have stamped their own unique signature as true Pacific Northwest bride and groom.

We did a little rehearsal as well which tugged at the mom heartstrings for a moment or two, especially as we practiced walking the groom down the aisle and releasing him to his groomsmen.

I don’t know how many times, amid all the hustle yesterday, that I looked at the groom and saw the child who will forever be about twelve in my eyes, holding a faint but distinguishable saxophone to his lips, wearing yet another endless pair of cargo shorts and hearing a jazz standard echoing in the air around him.

No matter how handsome he looks today in his blue suit and bow tie, no matter that he is now almost a foot taller than me, no matter that he won’t be pulling out his saxophone today, no matter that, of all the people present with us today I am the only one who can claim to be his mom-the tears will spill as they verge right now writing this post- when my little boy steps into his new role as husband.


2 thoughts on “Wedding day”

  1. I’m sure my recent busyness is partly to blame, but… you really got me weepy there! I’m so excited for you and your family. What an adventure, and how proud you must be. Thanks for sharing it 🙂 And my best wishes to your son and new daughter for a bold and happy long life together.


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