A wedding brief

This is a quick post tonight just so that I can put a few random pictures up of the wedding yesterday. I think that I have had about 7 hours of sleep in the last 48 so when this post closes I am off to bed.

The wedding was wonderful. The bride was beautiful and the groom was amazing and suddenly seemed to take on a new maturity.

I cried here and there, especially during the vows, which the couple wrote themselves. We had the greatest and most helpful bartender and an outstanding group of caterers. If you ever come to Washington State and are out and about around Puget Sound you must take a ferry ride over to Vashon Island (think hippie arts colony if you prefer not to follow the link) and stop by the Snapdragon Bakery and Cafe. The staff of three began work at 11 AM and turned out assorted cheese and toast platters, olives, and fig/goat cheese crostini. For dinner they served roasted butternut squash enchiladas, cardamom black beans and a fantastic slaw salad. The crowning achievement though was a pear strudel. No wedding cake here-simply flaky, fruity heaven.

The bride and groom have a few friends who are really into craft beer brewing so we had an assortment of beers as well as wine. The beers knocked you on your butt if you weren’t careful.

Even my Miss G had a fantastic time. She loved the photographer, posed for picture after picture, is a saxophone enthusiast, and danced up a 1 year old storm.

The couple is off for a brief honeymoon to another Puget Sound Island with the true honeymoon coming as a cruise next year.

So a few random pictures, some with sketchy quality, but at least you can have a glimpse until we get everything from the photographer.

There was a quaint park right next to the venue so the big reveal was done there. This is just after Jeff see’s Meredith in her dress.


Opening greetings and welcome by Claire. She knows the couple well and her words were beautiful.



The first kiss.




The first dance.






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