“What if they get a flat tire, what would they do?”

That friends, if you haven’t heard the report posted online, is just one comment coming from a Saudi Arabian male who finds the idea of women driving to be outlandish.

It gets much worse of course. Did you catch the cleric who claims driving will somehow mess with the internal lady parts?

Yesterday Saudi women showed what they are made of and what is at stake for their equality.

Some took a stance and got behind the wheel and drove, even with the fear of retaliation looming.


Small steps indeed.


2 thoughts on ““What if they get a flat tire, what would they do?””

  1. lol – maybe having to steer and shift and use brake/accelerator and clutch pedals *all at once* have caused their wombs to panic and rush to their toes? Probably. If only there were some method of testing whether or not wombs wander around bodies in times of stress or activity… but I guess we are better off relying on fear and ignorance after all! šŸ™‚


  2. My husband has tried to show me how to change a tire so many times but I still don’t think I could manage it. It doesn’t stop me from driving, however. Good for those ladies who are getting behind the wheel!


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