Family responsibilities

We have an indoor thermometer at our house.

This is what it looks like:



We don’t even have to open the curtains to read the level of frost on the grass or turn on the TV to hear the weather report.

If the cat goes to the heater vent we know we need the warmest coats, scarves, mittens and maybe even boots or an extra pair of socks.

This is cat happiness as well as a useful member of the family.


Still getting cheated

As a follower of Ms. Magazine and the Feminist Majority Foundation I get updates on my Facebook page consistently regarding women’s and gender issues.

I thought that this one was interesting and a great sharing opportunity that is a conversation spark if you go for such things, and I hope that you do if you are an employed, hard-working female or just care about anyone labeled as such.

Ms. Blog by Emily Zak

I love that it has a handy little link showing the state by state breakdown of the gender wage gap. My state, Washington, comes in at 25 with a 21.8% gap, meaning that women here are earning 78.2 cents for every dollar a man makes.

What about where you live?