Still getting cheated

As a follower of Ms. Magazine and the Feminist Majority Foundation I get updates on my Facebook page consistently regarding women’s and gender issues.

I thought that this one was interesting and a great sharing opportunity that is a conversation spark if you go for such things, and I hope that you do if you are an employed, hard-working female or just care about anyone labeled as such.

Ms. Blog by Emily Zak

I love that it has a handy little link showing the state by state breakdown of the gender wage gap. My state, Washington, comes in at 25 with a 21.8% gap, meaning that women here are earning 78.2 cents for every dollar a man makes.

What about where you live?


2 thoughts on “Still getting cheated”

  1. Oof – PA is 40… Systemic issues aside, I’m always curious about how much of this comes down to us ladies not knowing [how] to negotiate. When I got my job, I didn’t even consider it – just took what was offered (turns out it was standard and fair), and I have several girlfriends (academics) who have done the same. I have other girlfriends who are naturals at negotiating, but they’re in business, not teaching!


    1. Great point, because we are not taught: how to negotiate or to believe necessarily out of the box that we are worthy to negotiate in most careers. I remember being terrified to ask for raises or even worse, believing that I just had to take the wage that my employer laid in front of me.


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