Vacations: away and at home

I was off for a few days to much warmer parts south, but alas have returned to wintry weather again. To be honest sun and 75 degrees is a rather nice way to start 2014, but the reality of my home is that we are meant to have chilly temps, although no snow yet.

I went to San Diego with the oldest daughter and family, Miss G’s parents. Christmas trees just didn’t fit into the picture there and seemed truly abrupt in the midst of palms and cactus. It was however still the holiday celebration time so tinsel and pine and jolly old St. Nick was everywhere. While we don’t generally ever have a white Christmas, besides frost, in Washington, I’m just not sure that I could ever get used to sun and high temps during the holiday season.

It was a short trip, with the family set to return early this coming week. That means that I also have continued vacation as Miss G’s dad is not returning to work for some time yet so my grandma services are not needed right away.

While it was nice to get away and see an area of California that was new I just never feel quite right when I leave my little, well-known part of the world. I would like to believe I could be a traveler, although doing much travel without flying would be tough, things always just seem slightly off when you aren’t in familiar surroundings. Maybe that’s just me though. Does anyone else feel this odd, time-travel confusion when they leave home?

I was having some neck issues and riding in the car was tough so I know I missed seeing many things that would have made for some great pictures and memories. We did take a little drive to Coronado and I have decided that if I get some courage a trip back to SD will mean staying at the Hotel Del Coronado, shopping there, and spending hours looking at the amazing architecture while dreaming and scheming on how to raise millions to purchase a house on the island.

Miss G ended up with a horrible cold yesterday when I left. This is her heading to the Urgent Care clinic to have her ears checked. She just finished a round of antibiotics for a nasty ear infection and mom, the great nurse that she is, wanted to preempt another. At this point, just a nasty cold, but look at that face-



I survived two flights, although it never gets any easier. Heading south I could be somewhat distracted by entertaining Miss G. Coming home I was on my own, but I don’t think the couple sitting next to me knew how terrified I was. I have decided however that sitting next to the window is not a good idea. It seems to add to the terror that I conjure up in my own head about crashing, flipping and seeing the ground (or water) rising up as we plummet down. I kept the window closed.

I have also returned with a rather irritating cough. It started with an obvious “I-want-you-to-know-I’m-here” force yesterday and just continued. Luckily the guy sitting next to me on the plane sounded worse than me so I don’t think I bothered him too much. I had my suspicions that it was all psychosomatic-my terror of flight manifesting in physical symptoms, however it hasn’t left me this morning.

Anyway, I have to get some food so grocery shopping is my first priority this morning. In other news, the October wedding pictures are ready! This means that I can post a few so watch for a second post later today, or soon at least.

I also have to figure out what to do with another full week of vacation. I think the beach is out for me here. Gray, icy, and windy just doesn’t compare to the warmth I just left.


2 thoughts on “Vacations: away and at home”

  1. Awww! I love the picture but I hope you are both feeling better soon. Yes, I always feel a little uncomfortable when I’m away. I love traveling although, like you, not on a plane, but feel more relaxed once I’m back in familiar surroundings.


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