So how’s the eating plan progressing?

I have officially finished 1 week of the plan after eliminating sugars, wheat, dairy and what initially seemed like most other food.

The realization came quickly though that I am not without food choices. I am however without the crap, quick, unhealthy, sweet, processed, packaged food choices that I would often reach for just over 1 week ago.

I am okay with that.

I’m getting the hang of what to pair with what, trying food combos that I would never have before, delving back into my vegetarian cookbooks, plus the new one from Jeff & Mer that I got for Christmas. I certainly hadn’t gone away from vegetarian eating, but I was definitely stuck in a rut. A lot of the veg recipes contain grains that I can’t have right now, plus cheese, which is also off the list for two more weeks. I’m finding that this mental stimulation of trying to adapt recipes is actually rather fun, albeit time-consuming.

I am eating well, and a lot, as there is no portion control up to a point. Proportion is the key with this plan and veg & fruit always take center stage over protein and grain. I have also decided to include a bit more fish (cause remember I was never a total veg just a mostly plant based diet eater) as well as some organic, free-range chicken breast at times. I’m finding that a bit of protein at each meal makes me feel better and the plant-based protein choices are rather boring on the plan.

We can even have chocolate! It has to be 100%, no sugar chocolate and only a few squares per day, but the antioxidant benefits are why it’s included. I have never liked dark chocolate and this is obviously DARK. I can however have a square with some protein, so I am going to create my own Reese’s by placing a bit of organic almond butter on a square and trying it out. I’ll let you know.

I am pleased so far, actually greatly excited as well. I was cutting out my RX medication for arthritis anyway, and had gone to just Aleve as needed when I started this last week. It is now 4 or maybe 5 days that I haven’t even used any Aleve. None. I would say something is decidedly improving. I have lost weight as well, although I think it is mostly water weight at this point. I did learn that both the prescription OA meds and Aleve are big culprits for water retention, among other side effects that could be applied directly to many things I assumed to be associated with aging and menopause.

I am hoping when all is said and done that I can, at the very least, take a lower dosage of BP med, but really hope that it can go away altogether. Time will tell on that one.

Watch for more updates…and remember-make veggies 2/3 of your plate!


2 thoughts on “So how’s the eating plan progressing?”

  1. Very much admire ya cuz I’ve been trying to eat healthy since my New Year’s Resolution on Jan 10th, but have been failing it ever since. Will keep hoping for better days and more determination. Great job!


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