Time to check in with my body

I have completed three full weeks on this eating program.

I have lost 10 1/2 lbs., 3 inches around my waist and 2 inches from my hips. My jeans sag worse than a teenage boys. The back fat roll under the bra band is just about non-existent and what there is left of it isn’t pushing the bra up around my neck anymore.

I don’t remember the last time I took any medicine for my arthritis. Of course I haven’t undergone a miraculous cure, but I just don’t need anti-inflammatory NSAIDS anymore.

Now I have the option of testing and possibly returning some of the foods I have avoided for three weeks. Things like dairy, wheat, corn, peanuts.

I have some mixed emotions about this. On the one hand, I do want to know how my body reacts to those foods, but on the other side is the realization that a real possibility exists that some or all of them may stress this new line of defense I have worked so hard to establish. Of course a 2 or 3 day test of a specific food won’t ruin my progress, but I don’t relish thinking that eating some yogurt or cheese or a piece of wheat toast will have me rushing toward the Aleve bottle either. When you hurt for so long, then almost overnight feel nearly 100% better there is definitely anxiety about changing all that up. The nice thing is that I know I can fix any issues by simply keeping trigger foods out of my diet if I choose.

That is where the power of this program comes in and why the focus isn’t just on weight loss. It encourages responsibility and a sense of control over your health and daily ability to function. I like feeling my age again and with it the realization that 54 is definitely not old.

I also like sitting here at this computer and seeing more and more space between my boobs and lessening tummy bulge. I rather like whining about my too large jeans. I love the anticipation of buying some new clothes that I don’t have to hide behind.

I like being healthy, so it is on to testing rather than wondering and avoiding. It’s better to know and plan. So early this week I am testing dairy. That means for three days I eat dairy for 3 meals & 2 snacks. Since I gave up cows milk about 1 year ago I am going to use organic plain Greek yogurt and some really good organic cheese. I won’t lie. I am pretty anxious and excited to put a piece of cheese into my mouth again. Fingers crossed that it will be a food I can tolerate because I do enjoy an occasional piece of delightful cheese.

Watch for the results late next week.


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